I was about to pontificate upon the chances of Steven Register retaining No. 61 or switching to something more dignified when word came he’d been waived by the Mets. Hopefully, the opportunity exists to work out a deal with Colorado that would allow the Mets to keep Register in the organization free of the onerous (for the Mets, at least) provisions of Rule 5.

This is good news, I believe, if you’re a fan of Joe Smith, who like Register, seems groomed for a role I’ll call GUPPY (GroUndball Pitcher, Perplexing deliverY — alright, needs work). Smith however can be safely stashed at AAA so it’s no lock he surfaces, at least not right away.

Similarly, looks as if suspicion over Duaner Sanchez‘ durability gives a shot to his hard-throwing nonroster counterpart, Brian Stokes, at least, to start the year. As for the No. 5 starter, I’m as disappointed as the next guy in Mike Pelfrey, maybe more, but I’d give him all the rope he needs. It’s not like an injured Orlando Hernandez has a whole lot of upside any longer.

* In case you didn’t see it, MLB.com’s Marty Noble today ran his annual Port St. Lucie christening story, a sure sign Spring Training is coming to an end.

* Don’t forget you’re invited to the MBTN Launch Party at Stout NYC, April 6, 1pm.

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