Spring Has Sprung

So you may as well junk the post below, it contained little that wasn’t contradicted by the numerical roster dropped today by the club. Here’s your Spring roster, countdown style, or count up, if you prefer.

The news here as I see it is Luis Severino taking over Drew Smith‘s No. 40, forcing Smith into 33 and membership in the three-number club. (He was also 62 you may recall). Also noting that our friend Dr. Grant Hartwig has moved down in the world, from 93 all the way to 56. Sean Manaea takes 59, Adrian Houser 35 and Harrison Bader 44.

Looks like this year they tried to move the coaches to the 60s and those that didn’t are double-booked with a player.

It’s all below, hopefully without massive errors. NRIs in italics, coaches in blue.

Number Name Notes
0 Adam Ottavino, P
1 Jeff McNeil, INF-OF
2 Omar Narvaez, C
3 Tomas Nido, C
4 Francisco Alvarez, C
5 Unassigned (David Wright)
6 Starling Marte, OF
8 Unassigned (Gary Carter)
9 Brandon Nimmo, OF
10 Ronny Mauricio, INF
11 Jose Iglesias, INF 
12 Francisco Lindor, SS
13 Joey Wendle, INF
14 Retired Gil Hodges
15 Tyrone Taylor, OF
17 Retired Keith Hernandez
19 Shintaro Fujinami, P
20 Pete Alonso, 1B
21 Ben Gamel, OF
22 Brett Baty, 3B
23 David Peterson, P
24 Retired Willie Mays
25 Brooks Raley, P
26 Ji Man Choi, IB/DH
27 Mark Vientos, 3B
28 Carlos Mendoza, manager
29 DJ Stewart, OF
30 Jake Diekman, P
31 Retired Mike Piazza
32 Max Kranick, P
33 Drew Smith, P new number (was 40)
34 Kodai Senga, P
35 Adrian Houser, P
36 Retired Jerry Koosman
37 Retired Casey Stengel
38 Tylor Megill, P
39 Edwin Diaz, P
40 Luis Severino, P
41 Retired Tom Seaver
42 Retired Jackie Robinson
43 Trayce Thompson, OF
44 Harrison Bader, OF
45 Cole Sulser, P
46 Johan Ramirez, P
47 Joey Lucchesi, P
49 Yacksel Rios, P
50 Phil Bickford, P
51 Michael Tonkin, P 
52 Jorge Lopez, P
53 Chad Smith, P
54 Austin Adams, P
55 Kyle Crick, P
56 Grant Hartwig, P New number (was 93)
57 Taylor Kohlwey, OF
58 Rylan Bannon, INF 
59 Sean Manaea, P
60 Jeremy Barnes, hitting coach
61 Eric Chavez, hitting coach
62 Jose Quintana, P
63 Glenn Sherlock, catching & strategy coach
64 Mike Sarbaugh, 3rd base coach
65 Jeremy Hefner, pitching coach
66 Antoan Richardson, 1st base coach
67 Jose Rosado, bullpen coach
68 John Gibbons, bench coach 
70 Jose Butto, P
71 Sean Reid-Foley, P
72 Alex Ramirez, OF
73 Luisangel Acuna, INF
74 Zack Short, INF
75 Reed Garrett, P
76 Aaron Meyers, BP pitcher
77 Dave Racaniello, bullpen catcher
78 Eric Langill, bullpen catcher
79 Danny Barnes, strategy coach
81 Danny Young, P
82 Austin Allen, C
83 Yolmer Sanchez, INF
88 Cam Robinson, P
89 Drew Gilbert, OF
90 Jett Williams, INF
91 Josh Walker, P
92 Eric Orze, P
93 Dominic Hamel, P
94 Nate Lavender, P
95 Kevin Parada, C
96 Christian Scott, P
97 Mike Vasil, P
98 Hayden Senger, C
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  1. Jim A says:

    My questions and observations:

    1) DJ Stewart is listed in both 29 and 86.

    2) My guess is Fujinama in 19.

    3) Once again 69 is unassigned. Is that a homage to 1969? Or is it because 69 has obscene overtones?

    4) In addition to 5 and 8, number 7 remains in limbo. For Reyes or Kranepool? Neither is deserving of the honor IMO.

    5) Is it permissible for players and coaches to share the same numbers?

    • Jon Springer says:

      I fixed DJ Stewart. To save labor I started with a copy of last year’s spring roster and paved over it. For some reason I thought Stewart arrived from the Orioles last summer and wasn’t a spring guy.

      Crazy mad about the vacancy at No. 7 but have begun strongly suspecting Steve Cohen retires it for Ed Kranepool. As I’ve warned about for years it’s a slippery slope, especially for a franchise with so few truly accomplished career players.

  2. Matt B says:

    Hi Jim-here my best educated guesses to your questions:
    1-Stewart being listed in 86 is probably a mistake. Seems like there is no reason for him to not be in 29
    2-I agree on Fujinama. Odd that he is not listed yet.
    3-69 rarely gets assigned by any team, and it’s NOT because they won it all in 1969.
    4-Probably for Reyes, which drives me crazy. Since Cohen took over, he has started resting and retiring more numbers.
    5-It is permissible for players and coaches to wear the same number, but is rarely done. Before the Tigers retired #3 for Trammell, there was a player wearing 3. Trammell was added mid season as the 1st base coach, and he wore 3, as well.

    • Jim A says:

      I expect the Fujinama signing to be announced tomorrow (Wednesday). That is the first day that a player can be moved to the 60 day IL. They will move either Mauricio or Peterson there, thus creating room on the 40 man for Fujinama.

  3. Gordon says:

    Nowhere in the MLB rule book does it state that uniform numbers must be unique. I’ve argued this for years. There is no reason for players not to share the same number – especially with names on the backs of their uniforms. Unless identical twins are playing on the same team, I don’t see a problem.
    Only the NHL rule book mentions that uniform numbers should be unique or as they call it, ‘individual identifying’.

    • Jon Springer says:

      Identical twins, lol.

      I would argue its one of those things that’s not against the rules because no one ever sought to outlaw something so stupid.

      • Gordon says:

        Stupid? I think sharing the same number is a brilliant idea. No more selling uni numbers. You’ve got names on the uniforms (except for you know who) and no face coverings except for the catcher. Why is there a need for unique numbers? We get through Jackie Robinson Day with all 42s with no problem.

        • Jon Springer says:

          You can’t read the names from the Promenade. Even then you’ve got issues with Smiths and Martinezes. I like the idea of one guy, one number, one of 40 spots on the 40 man roster. I suppose a player doubling up on a coach number is OK, as long as they’re not the 1B or 3B coach

  4. Gene F says:

    Fujinami is in 19 on the roster now

  5. Matt B says:

    Mets.com has updated the coaches.
    Jeremy Barnes is 60
    Jeremy Hefner is 65
    Glenn Sherlock is 63
    No one is sharing numbers now.

    • Jon Springer says:

      thank you. This neat row of coaches in the 60s is a totally new look for the Mets. Only Quintana is in the way.

  6. Matt B says:

    Chad Smith is in 53
    Austin Adams is in 54

  7. Stu Baron says:

    Spelling correction: Lefty Joey is LUCCHESI, not LUCHESSI.

    The Cs and Ss are confusing. Had to look it up on Baseball Reference!

  8. Jim A says:

    Assume Ji Man Choi gets 26. If there’s another signing of MLB caliber, then what? Unless an unavailable number becomes available, we’re into the 80’s!

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