Every Mets Position Player Ever Who Wore 32 Before Daniel Vogelbach

1.Kevin Mitchell, 1984

2. Mark Carreon, 1987-89

3. Bill Pecota, 1992

4. Eli Marrero, 2016

Oddly, I remember only two of them: Carreon (whom I liked-who didn’t?) and Marrero (who I remember, because he was all we had to show for all the energy wasted in the entire Kaz Matsui Saga). Mitchell was only that September, and me, I’d just moved away from radio range, had no TV, the internet didn’t exist, and there were 18-22 year-old girls everywhere I looked: I had just started college. And Pecota. Still out of the local TV market, plus a) sour on Jeff Torborg’s Mets before it was cool and so, b) more of a Mets fan with a paper bag on my head then.

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