Let’s Do This

I might have predicted a 100-win season a week ago but the injuries to deGrom and the shuffling of the starting rotation have me a little worried as we get started, finally, on a new year.

The Mets officially added non-roster arrivals Travis Jankowski and Chasen Shreve to the 40-man and active roster, which will have 28 guys for the first few weeks. The shaggy Jankowski will wear 16 and Shreve, who was 43 47 in his appearances last season, is now wearing 47 43.

Travis Blankenhorn (73) and Jordan Yamamoto (45) were kicked off the 40-man roster to make room for the new guys; Miguel Castro (50), who I kinda liked for his ability to make opposing batters every bit as uncomfortable as fans hoping the Mets can hold a lead, was traded to the Yankees for Rodriguez.

We also will be welcoming Adam Ottavino (0), Starling Marte (6), Eduardo Escobar (10), Mark Cahna (19), Max Scherzer (21), Joely Rodriguez (30) and Chris Bassitt (40) for the first time–they will be recorded onto the All-Time Roster in order of appearance. Jeff McNeil is now wearing No. 1; David Peterson has gone back to 23; and pitching coach Jeremy Hefner is now in 55.

Other staff– Manager Buck Showalter in 11; Bench coach Glenn Sherlock returns to the No. 53 he wore as a Mets coach in 2019; Wayne Kirby, who wore No. 11 as a Mets player in 1998, will be sporting No. 54 as the portly first base coach; new hitting coach Eric Chavez will wear 51; and third-base coach Joey Cora will wear 56.

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  1. Matt B says:

    Schreve in #43 this time around. I think he was #47 first time.

  2. Shorty says:

    Hey Jon,

    I realize this info is “Mets by the Letters” rather than “Mets by the Numbers,” but I thought you might enjoy this.

    On Opening Day this year, none of the Mets’ starters’ surnames began with a letter in the second half of the alphabet. Starting pitcher TYLOR MEGILL was the last alphabetically. Despite the fact that they used a DH on Opening Day for just the third time in their history and therefore had 10 starting players, this was the first time in Mets history that all of their Opening Day starters had names that started with A through M.

    Tonight’s starters were ALONSO, CANHA, CANÓ, DAVIS, ESCOBAR, LINDOR. MARTE, McCANN, McNEIL, and MEGILL. The first player off the bench, TREVOR MAY, continued the trend. ADAM OTTAVINO came in in the seventh inning to break up the perfect game.

    In case you are wondering, the Mets have never had an Opening Day when all the starters’ names started with N through Z.

    Enjoy the season!

  3. ALF Tanner says:

    Here’s a MBTNumerological conundrum: what if someone like Nick Plummer is assigned a certain number, but only plays one game as a Met, and that game is on Jackie Robinson day? How would you enter him into the annals?

  4. Daniel says:

    Interesting phenomena I’ve noticed attending the first two games:

    1. Nick Plummer made his debut yesterday wearing 42, as it was Jackie Robinson Day. Today he is wearing 18, but, as of writing, he hasn’t appeared. This raises the question of how you account for him just in case he never appears for the Mets in a number other than 42, i.e., without a bona fide number.

    2. Matt Reynolds has assumed his old 15.

    3. Danny Barnes served as Bench Coach yesterday, wearing 42. He is of course usually outfitted in 79, as he is today (and he is listed as a full member of the coaching staff still, though as Assistant Coach rather than as coach of anything in particular — you’d assume pitching). But today, the Mets brought up Dick Scott to serve as bench coach again. Unlike during his first stint in 23, today he is wearing 50.

  5. Matt B says:

    Matt Reynolds is back and wearing #15 again. Nick Plummer is wearing #18, but has not appeared in a game yet. Also, I watched the Opening Day pregame where EVERYONE on the staff gets an introduction, and Brian Schneider was NOT there. I think he is gone, and #22 is available. However, his Twitter still says “Major League Field Coordinator/Catching Coach Mets,” so who knows…

  6. Chris says:

    Twitter and Mets.com have Plummer in #68.

  7. Matt B says:

    Plummer was in #18 on Sunday in his debut.

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