What’s next for these guys?

As you might have noted I’d been kinda leaving the Mets alone in hopes they’d reveal themselves as one thing or another but looks again that might be a while.

Waiting to hear the result of Jacob deGrom’s MRI as I write this and fresh off the midnight whacking of the club’s two hitting coaches, still waiting for any kind of consistency, injuries, frustration, dreadful slumps, sloppy play, moments of glory, innings of crap, hours of games: Mets Baseball 2021!

I even got out to Citi Field for the first time in more than a year a week ago tonight and can report that it remains 20% colder and damper than anywhere in NYC. That evening Peterson struggled, the offense struggled even more and we lost to a Red Sox team that should have beaten us worse. I’m now fully vaccinated, licking doorknobs, and you’ll find me out there most every Tuesday night.

Catching up on roster moves we’ve seen the debut of Jose Peraza (18) finally after a couple non-appearances and had Daniel Zamora (73) up and back. Word is Jordan Yamamoto (45) is on the way and I thought only hours ago that could be for Stroman and not deGrom.

That was a strange firing, a weird press conference and some curious dat-after reactions: I miss the beat writers in the clubhouse to sniff these things out. I found Zach Scott’s detachment and business-speaky remarks dissatisfying, as were the softball questions from the participating journos and the day-after narrative: Pete Alonso crying? After last season? The strong relationships Davis forged over zoom? Has anyone noticed Francisco Lindor has 3 RBI, is leading the team in plate appearances, and is hitting .160?

The roster doesn’t yet list the uni numbers of the new coaches, perhaps we’ll know when deGrom’s diagnosis comes in. By the way, coaches all wear sweatshirts over the unis anyway–and I’m certain Chili Davis didn’t suit on Zoom last year– so I’m barely aware that they Davis had been wearing No. 54 and Slater 56. You’d think Hugh Quattlebaum and Kevin Howard would take those respectively, then wear sweatshirts over them.


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  1. Matt B says:

    From mets.com games notes….not that anyone cares very much.
    “Quattlebaum will wear #56, while Howard will wear #54.”

  2. Matt B says:

    Patrick Mazeika is wearing his spring training number 76. Called up when Nimmo when on IL. First wearer in team history. Weak to not give him a lower number.

    • Jim A says:

      Mazeika was on the roster for a few games last year, and wore 76 then too. Maybe he considers that his number. You see lots of guys wearing numbers in the 60’s through 90’s nowadays. I don’t think there is a stigma any more.

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