Flying Coach

That’s what we did to and from Hawaii and now I’m back. Mets coaches in the meantime are busy flying into new and kinda weird unis, as you guys were astutely noting below.

Hitting coach Dave Hudgens, whose No. 52 went to new reliever Ramon Ramirez, dropped a digit and is now wearing No. 51. First base coach Tom Goodwin has been assigned No. 26 and bullpen coach Ricky Bones takes 25. Tim Teufel, the new third-base coach, is wearing 18 for some reason (an homage to his tormentor and former teammate Darryl Strawberry?) and in a move generating some controversy, new bench coach Bob Geren becomes the first man assigned Jose Reyes’ former No. 7.

Now if were up to me I wouldn’t have given away 7 to just anyone — I was hoping a guy like Reese Havens might be next — but if you want to look for something significant about Geren there’s this: The number with which he has the most equity isn’t 7 but 17: That’s what he wore as as manager of the A’s (and also as a player with the Padres). Considering 17 was also theoretically available for these Mets, its another indication that the organization appears to have turned the corner on Keith Hernandez. That number isn’t going anywhere. No. 8 in the meantime is making a return as a jersey patch honoring Gary Carter, as seen above. Looks nice.

Finally a note on Tom Goodwin. As he explains in this article, Goodwin was one of those players who was wearing 42 as a tribute to Jackie Robinson but was not grandfathered in when Bud Selig made a show of retiring his number leaguewide in 1998. Thanks to EdgyDC for unearthing that.

Meantime, batting practice pitcher Eric Langill and bullpen coach Dave Racianello, previously listed as wearing 53 and 54 respectively, have been reassigned 78 and 79, respectively.

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One comment

  1. Jon Springer says:

    Submitted by EdgyDC on Tue, 03/06/2012 – 10:35pm.
    Yeah, it’s kind of stupid that I let that Goodwin thing bother me, but it kind of does. They really are trying so hard to make a grand gesture with the 42 retirement thingie, that all these years later, they’ve still kind of only half thought it out.

    Submitted by Ranjrz5 on Wed, 03/07/2012 – 2:22pm.
    I thought it was a nice gesture back when MLB retired #42, but now I’m wondering if it’s actually resulted in less people knowing Jackie Robinson’s legacy. One day a year isn’t enough.

    Submitted by Thomas (not verified) on Thu, 03/15/2012 – 4:49pm.
    I agree with Ranjrz5. It was a nice gesture but in these modern days maybe we can find a different way to pay tribute to Jackie, and let the new generations know about him.

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