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The Mets are apparently playing this afternoon in special, scary St. Patrick’s Day caps as pictured here (green-cap tip to the ‘Ropolitans for the photo).

In other news, the below post on the Mets-related calypso song got some love in UniWatch today. Paul Lukas has proposed a movement to make the song a hit; I’d be satisfied just to hear it at the park sometime. C’mon, Mets!

Not much on the Uni Number front to report, I’m watching the positional battles just like you and don’t have a clue whether Brad Emaus or Luis Castillo or Daniel Murphy winds up with a starting job. I would hope however that the decision is made based on who’s the best second baseman, and not whom the fans hate the least. I raised this point last year when Jerry Manuel inexplicably made Ruben Tejada the starter at second base, despite the fact that, as pathetic as it was to own up to, Luis Castillo was the best second baseman the Mets had at the time. The timing of that move was especially curious and, as we know, came right at the moment where an OK Mets’ season turned into an especially bad one.

Like every March, I’m impatient for the season to start. My enthusiasm is tempered somewhat by going into another year with a question mark in right field. I’m not down on Carlos Beltran as a person, I wouldn’t question his heart or overlook his greatness, but he’s played all of a couple innings as a DH this spring and already needed time to rest his knees, I’m just not comfortable with a guy like that in right. Where I’m hopeful is in the prospect of Lucas Duda’s awesome power, and in a good spring so far from Fernando Martinez, even if he’s already been optioned to AAA.

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One comment

  1. Jon Springer says:

    Submitted by 9th s c (not verified) on Thu, 03/17/2011 – 1:57pm.
    I feel bad that Castillo always gets lumped in with Perez. The reality is that Castillo can get on base and field the position, which I think puts him ahead of everyone else in camp. The pop-up in Yankeeland made me want to kill the guy, but ultimately, the Mets need the best guy they have there, whoever it is. Hey, we’re paying him and he doesn’t make us worse, so give him the job.

    Not the same for Perez, who I still think they should make the everyday catcher until he breaks his hand and they put him on the 300 day disabled list.

    Luis and Mookie

    Submitted by Matt B on Fri, 03/18/2011 – 10:07am.
    Luis Castillo was just released. I think Mookie is trying on a #1 jersey as I write this.


    Submitted by Jon Springer on Fri, 03/18/2011 – 10:19am.
    Pretty much as expected!

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