What Sammy Can’t Drive

55Quick note to report the Mets have assigned a few more numbers. Chris Young will wear No. 55, becoming the first non-coach in 55 since Pedro Feliciano recieved it in a trade for Sha
wn Estes. Scott Hairston will wear No. 12 his digits in San Diego last year.

Also assigned numbers today are NRIs: Russ Adams (4); Ryota Igarashi (18); Raul Chavez (19); Willie Harris (22); Blaine Boyer (23); Boof Bonser (27); Tim Byrdak (40); Taylor Tankersley (47); Michael O’Connor (50) and Dusty Ryan (62).

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One comment

  1. Jon Springer says:

    Submitted by Nick (not verified) on Tue, 01/25/2011 – 11:06pm.
    Heads up Hu was switched to #25 now


    Submitted by Jon Springer on Tue, 01/25/2011 – 11:22pm.

    delete edit reply report to Mollom

    Submitted by Dave Mackey (not verified) on Wed, 01/26/2011 – 10:34am.
    Young’s assignment of 55 now leaves coach Ken Oberkfell without a number.


    Submitted by Jon Springer on Wed, 01/26/2011 – 11:42am.
    Obie’s gotta do it.

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