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Let’s Build Something This Summer

38Garrett Olson was assigned No. 38 during Spring Training and with those digits still unassigned, its a good bet that’s the number the Mets call on when they need to retire a lefthanded hitter this week. Olson is expected to join the Mets Tuesday after the club revealed the shoulder injury to Tim Byrdak was more serious than they expected. Like, Johan Santana serious.

This is not official but it is expected the corresponding move will be to demote Elvin Ramirez again. Byrdak went onto the disabled list over the weekend whgen closer Frank Francisco returned from the DL. Also back now from injury is Mike Baxter, with Kirk Niuewenhuis mercifully returned to Buffalo.

That’s not quite the flurry of moves many expected this year at the trading deadline but after stewing for a bit over the seeming pointlessness of retaining Byrdak, Scott Hairston and Jon Rauch, I came around the Sandy Alderson’s so-many-words point that there might be some value in finishing third rather than last for a change. We Mets way too often go hell-bent for one or the other.

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Take a Number

12With the addition of new reserve shortstop Ronny Cedeno and returning pinch-hitter Scott Hairston — and the subtraction of bungled phenom Fernando Martinez, who will try again with the Astros — the Mets say their 40-man roster is whole again and, they say, unlilkely to undergo any further changes before it all begins again.

It’s not just the weather making it as though like winter never came. The additions to the team were underwhelming enough and the finances bad enough that nobody bothered having a press event beyond conference calls or a caravan which is all well and good but denied us the introduction of new uni numbers until, I suppose, pitchers and catchers report. Following are guys on the 40 who are awaiting a number assignment:

PITCHERS: Robert Carson, Juerys Familia, Frank Francisco, Jeremy Heffner, Ramon Ramirez, Jon Rauch

INFIELDERS: Ronny Cedeno, Wilmer Flores, Reese Havens

OUTFIELDERS: Juan Lagares, Kirk Nieuwenhuis, Cesar Puello, Andres Torres

Including the four non-roster invitees who already have number assignments (Miguel Batista, Daniel Hererra, Valentino Pascucci, Mike Baxter) the following numbers (up to 50) are available to issue: 1, 4, 6, 7, 8, 9, 16, 17, 18, 20, 22, 24, 25, 26, 31, 33, 38, 45, 48, 50.

That’s 13 guys and 20 numbers if I counted right. If I include additional non-roster invitees (likely to be issued numbers in the 60s or above anyway) it’s 21 guys and 20 numbers. Who will wind up in which?

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Chapter ’11

I think the Mets are in for a better season than the Wilpons, though I wish them both the best.

11The change in the front office and the manager’s chair I think are all strongly for the good: Though he’ll surely wear out his welcome at some point, Terry Collins appears to have given the group the jolt of energy it needed after a sonambulent tenure under Jerry Manuel, and Collins remarks at least suggest we won’t be in for another season of 8th-inning fetishes, unexplained doghousing and first-inning bunts. In the meantime, Sandy Alderson and his crew appear to have made some pretty good personnel decisions against a limited budget: The bullpen (churn!) looks very promising, and I like the new bench players, particularly Scott Hairston. They may have stretched out the Luis Castillo and Oliver Perez storylines longer than I had a stomach for but I think the decisions on them were correct. I don’t think we can predict what Chris Young or Chris Capuano will do, but both are looking like good selections for a team on a budget.

I worry, as always, about the offense. I’d almost forgiven Jason Bay for being such a kitten last season when his sudden injury this week reminded me he still owes us. I’m surprised to see Carlos Beltran make it to opening day and worry that continued health struggles will suck the energy out of the team again. On the other hand, I quite like Angel Pagan, David Wright, Josh Thole and Ike Davis, who I think can do some real damage in 162 games. And if Jose Reyes shows he’s the kind of player worth agonizong over a long-term contract for, then we’ll probably be having a good year. Brad Emaus could be could be a rookie of the year. He might not either, but it’s not like he’s taking an MVP from Castillo. All upside there.

The Wilpons I think , are facing some real trouble. Not necessarily as a result of the clawback lawsuit, but that they, like a lot of troubled companies today, borrowed heavily upon assumptions that the economy would continue to sizzle at its mid-90s pace (and also, that certain investments would continue delivering 12% returns). The Mets are certainly exhibiting behaviors of businesses headed toward a crisis: They’re deep in debt, revenues are falling, and they are haunted by high legacy costs. They’ve exhausted their credit with an untraditional lender (MLB) which appears to have insisted the club appoint a turnaround management firm. That’s how it happens.

I don’t think a bankruptcy would necessarily be a bad thing for the Mets. It would likely cost the Wilpons control of the team but provide the opportunity for the next owner (there’s evidently no shortage of interest) to restructure the balance sheet to better compete in an economy without magic returns and $500 seats. We never asked for that.

In number news: Rule 5 reliever Pedro Beato has requested he be outfitted in No. 27. He’s been wearing No. 70 this spring. Here’s the cool thing: Adam Rubin of ESPN reports Beato requested it because he wants to honor Juan Marichal.

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What Sammy Can’t Drive

55Quick note to report the Mets have assigned a few more numbers. Chris Young will wear No. 55, becoming the first non-coach in 55 since Pedro Feliciano recieved it in a trade for Sha
wn Estes. Scott Hairston will wear No. 12 his digits in San Diego last year.

Also assigned numbers today are NRIs: Russ Adams (4); Ryota Igarashi (18); Raul Chavez (19); Willie Harris (22); Blaine Boyer (23); Boof Bonser (27); Tim Byrdak (40); Taylor Tankersley (47); Michael O’Connor (50) and Dusty Ryan (62).

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Batter Up

Hey, check it out! The Mets issued a new roster loaded with new numbers. Interesting additions include Ronny Paulino wearing No. 9; Chin-Lung Hu at 17; pitchers Taylor Buchholz (33) Chris Capuano 38 although we argued for 47);  and D.J. Carrasco on track to become the first No. 77 in Mets history. A group of contenders for roster slots is as usual dressed in the 60s, and the coaching staff includes new numbers for Dave Hudgens (52); Mookie Wilson (53 – really?); Ken Oberkfell (55); Jon Debus (56); and bullpen catcher  Rafael Arroyo (58).

Still anticipating new issues for pitcher Chris Young and outfielder Scott Hairston, the latest additions to the squad, as well as uniforms for non-roster invitees: Pitchers Boof Bonser, Taylor Tankersley and Michael O’Connor; infielder Russ Adams; and outfielder Willie Harris. Pitcher Ryota Igarashi, who was dropped from the 40-man roster and waived earlier this winter, is not listed with the NRIs but we’d expect to see him in 18 at camp. Ike Davis is still listed in 29, but 20 is vacant, so watch that space.

Current numerical roster (recent additions in bold):

1 Luis Castillo, 2B
2 Justin Turner, 2B
3 Luis Hernandez, INF
4 Vacant
5 David Wright, 3B
6 Nick Evans, OF
7 Jose Reyes, SS
8 Vacant
9 Ronny Paulino, C
10 Terry Collins, manager
11 Ruben Tejada, INF
12 Vacant
13 Mike Nickeas, C
14 Retired
15 Carlos Beltran, OF
16 Angel Pagan, OF
17 Chin-Lung Hu, INF 
18 Ryota Igarashi, P
19 Vacant
20 Vacant
21 Lucas Duda, OF
22 Vacant
23 Vacant
24 Vacant
25 Vacant
26 Fernando Martinez, OF
27 Vacant
28 Daniel Murphy, 1B-2B-OF
29 Ike Davis, 1B
30 Josh Thole, C
31 Vacant
32 Jenrry Mejia, P
33 Taylor Buchholz, P
34 Mike Pelfrey, P
35 Dillon Gee, P
36 Manny Acosta, P
37 Retired
38 Chris Capuano, P
39 Bobby Parnell, P
40 Vacant
41 Retired
42 Retired
43 R.A. Dickey, P
44 Jason Bay, OF
45 Vacant
46 Oliver Perez, P
47 Vacant
48 Pat Misch, P
49 Jon Niese, P
50 Vacant
51 Chip Hale, 3rd base Coach
52 Dave Hudgens, hitting coach
53 Mookie Wilson, first base coach
54 Dave Racaniello, Bullpen Catcher
55 Ken Oberkfell, bench coach
56 Jon Debus, bullpen coach
57 Johan Santana, P
58 Rafael Arroyo, bullpen catcher
59 Dan Warthen, pitching coach
60-62 Vacant
63 Jordanny Valdespin, INF
64 Josh Stinson, P
65 Zach Lutz, INF
66 Armando Rodriguez, P
67 Manny Alvarez, P
68 Brad Emaus, 2B

69 Vacant
70 Pedro Beato, P
71-74 Vacant
75 Francisco Rodriguez, P
76 Vacant
77 DJ Carrasco, P
78-99 Vacant

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