All About Steve Simpson

You guys are great. Only hours after the below inquiry on Steve Simpson, the pitcher received from San Diego in the 1973 Jim McAndrew trade and who may have been called up to the big-league roster in 1974, I’d received all kinds of info about him.

To the pertinent question of whether he should be listed among 1974 Mets players, the answer is no. As you might see on the accompanying graphic — what passed for the “official” transaction record as kept by the Baseball Hall of Fame — Simpson’s 1974 recall by the Mets (highlighted in yellow) is designated “not to rep” meaning “not to report” or “NTR.” A million thanks to Jason for the record — he reports he’s also looking to get his hands on the official record for Greg Harts, the outfielder recalled along Simpson that day. Click the image for a larger look. Those are exactly the kinds of records I keep: Scribbled on paper!

Anyhow, as Jason explains, all players on the 40-man roster are recalled automatically when rosters expand but not all of them necessarily report to the team: That’s the technical distinction that led to Charlie’s initial question.

Others of you were quick to point out addtional facts. Although he’d been assigned a number — the same 43 worn by McAndrew in fact — he wasn’t long for the Mets, or anyone else. The New York Times reports Simpson retired on the first day of training camp in 1975. And the Sporting News says he died of a heart attack at age 41 in 1989.

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One comment

  1. Jon Springer says:

    Submitted by Charlie (not verified) on Thu, 02/26/2009 – 11:22am.
    Yes, great job to all for tracking down so much great info
    on Steve Simpson, in less than 24 hours I might add!
    Thanks Jon for putting it out there, and Jason for nailing
    it with some hard core undeniable evidence.
    I guess the only question left coming out of this
    remains is if outfielder Greg Harts was on the active
    roster in ’74 from 9/16 to seasons end, and if so
    what # did he wear? Harts was in uni #6 during his
    cup of coffee in Sept. ’73, and if in fact he was on the active
    roster in ’74, he would have had to switch over to another #
    since infield prospect Rich Puig, who had been called
    up to the club six days earlier (9/9/74) occupied #6 while
    appearing in four games.
    Thanks once again to Jon, Jason and everyone who had
    a hand settling the Steve Simpson mystery.

    delete edit reply report to Mollom
    Re; Greg Harts

    Submitted by Matt (not verified) on Thu, 02/26/2009 – 10:20pm.
    The only information I can find comes out of the April and May 1974 issues of Baseball Digest. In both, Greg Harts is listed on the (presumably 40-man) roster as wearing #49. That number might have been available towards the end of the 1974 season.

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