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Updated 2016 Roster

Big thanks to Kieran for his help filling in the roster with NRI assignments. Notable: Buddy Carlyle re-taking the 44 he wore in 2014 but lost to John Mayberry last year. Danny Muno, the first guy called up last year in 16, drops all the way to 81. Still awaiting the coaching assignments for Dan Warthen and Tom Goodwin as well as new bench coach Dick Scott. Late NRI additions Roger Bernandina (1?) and Raywilly Gomez (00??) also unaccounted for.

Number Name Notes
1 Vacant was Eric Young
2* Dilson Herrera Herrera reclaiming 2 from Juan Uribe; last wore 16
3 Curtis Granderson
4 Wilmer Flores
5 David Wright
6 Pat Roessler? was coach Pat Roessler
7 Travis d’Arnaud
8 Vacant Uunassigned (Gary Carter)
9 Vacant was Kirk Nieuwenhuis
10 Terry Collins?
11 Ruben Tejada
12 Juan Lagares
13* Asdrubal Cabrera was Jerry Blevins
14 Retired Gil Hodges
15* Matt Reynolds was Bob Geren
16* Alejandro De Aza was Dilson Herrera
17 Vacant unassigned (Keith Hernandez)
18 Tim Teufel?
19 Johnny Monell (NRI)
20* Neil Walker was Anthony Recker
21 Lucas Duda
22 Vacant was Kevin Plawecki
23 Vacant was Michael Cuddyer
24 Vacant unassigned (Willie Mays)
25 Ricky Bones? was Bones in 2015
26* Kevin Plawecki was Tom Goodwin
27 Jeurys Familia
28 Vacant was Daniel Murphy
29 Eric Campbell
30 Michael Conforto
31 Retiring Mike Piazza
32 Steven Matz
33 Matt Harvey
34 Noah Syndergaard
35 Logan Verrett
36 Sean Gilmartin
37 Retired Casey Stengel
38 Vacant was Vic Black
39* Jerry Blevins was Bobby Parnell
40 Bartolo Colon
41 Retired Tom Seaver
42 Retired Jackie Robinson
43 Addison Reed
44 Buddy Carlyle (NRI) was Eric O’Flaherty
45 Zack Wheeler
46 Vacant was Tyler Clippard
47 Hansel Robles
48 Jacob deGrom
49* Josh Smoker was Jon Niese
50 Rafael Montero
51 Jim Henderson (NRI) was Jack Leathersich
52 Yoenis Cespedes
53 Dave Racaniello (Bullpen catcher)
54* Stolmy Pimental (NRI) was Tim Stauffer
55* Ty Kelly (NRI) was Kelly Johnson
56* Jeff Walters was Matt Reynolds (DNP), Scott Rice
57 Kevin Long? was Long
58 Jenrry Mejia
59* Antonio Bastardo was Dan Warthen
60 Duane Below (NRI)
61 Marc Krauss (NRI)
62 Eric Goeddel
63* Gabriel Ynoa vacant in 2015
64 Akeel Morris
65* Robert Gsellman was vacant in 2015
66 Josh Edgin
67* Seth Lugo was vacant in 2015
68 Dario Alvarez
69 Vacant was vacant in 2015
70* Nevin Ashley (NRI)
71* Xorge Carillo (NRI)
72* Gavin Cecchini (NRI)
73* Travis Taijeron (NRI)
74* Dominick Smith (NRI)
75* T.J. Rivera (NRI)
76* Chase Bradford (NRI)
77 Brandon Nimmo
78 Eric Langill (Bullpen catcher)
79* Paul Sewald (NRI)
80* Zack Thornton (NRI)
81* Danny Muno (NRI)
82-99 Unassigned
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Glad Tidings from New York

20Neil Walker on Tuesday crashed the Mets’ annual holiday party at Citi Field, showing off what appears to be his new uni number, 20. Walker would be the first second baseman to wear 20 since 2000 Mets legend Kurt Abbott. Uh, yeah. Anthony Recker wore 20 last but as you may have heard the handsome backup catcher signed a deal with the Indians following the season.

Walker by the way said he wore 20 to honor his dad, Tom Walker, who as you can see here wore the same for the Montreal Expos. Neil reached the big leagues with the Pirates only to learn 20 had been retired for Pie Traynor.

13Later on Tuesday, the Mets and erstwhile lefty stopper Jerry Blevins agreed on a new deal for 2016. Blevins you may recall arrived at the eve of the ’15 season and did an all-around super job getting the Bryce Harpers and Freddie Freemans of the league out before fracturing an arm the same day that Travis d’Arnaud went down with an injury. Only Blevins never made it back to the team by suspiciously re-breaking the same arm shortly before his expected return.

If that’s not enough reason by itself to surrendered No. 13 the rule requiring all Venezuelan shortstops wear No. 13 trumped it.

What will Blevins return in? Only a guess but 15 is available now that Bob Geren is going.

43In other news the Mets have invited Buddy Carlyle to go after a third assignment with the team and possibly, a third uni number. He’s been 44 then 43 so far.


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To Be Young Again

1As accurately predicted by alert MBTN readers, Eric Young Jr.‘s surprise return to the Mets organization accompanied a new uniform number for the erstwhile No. 22. Young took over the No. 1 formerly — and technically, currently — belonging to reserve outfielder Darrell Ceciliani, who is spending September on the disabled list for AAA Las Vegas. 22 in Young’s absence was issued to catcher Kevin Plawecki, who also returned to the Mets this week.

This business of assigning the same number to multiple members of the current 40-man roster is something of a unique occurrence but we’ve seen it three times already this year: First when Juan Uribe took Dilson Herrerra‘s No. 2, and again this week with Young/Ceciliani; and also with new reliever Addison Reed, whose 43 technically belongs to Buddy Carlyle. Remember Buddy?

0With Carlyle (injured) and perhaps Ceciliani soon to be goners, it should be interesting to see what if anything transpires when the AAA season is complete (even with playoffs, Vegas should be done by a week from Monday) and Hererra needs a new assignment. Could Daniel Murphy’s apparent injury last night speed up the process? I’ve suggested a few times already this year that the Mets issue 0 before doubling-up 40-man assignments; perhaps that’s the right destination for those whose numerical identities have been stolen.

This week’s callups and additions (Reed, Young, Plawecki plus the intact returns of Erik Goeddel, Kirk Nieuwenhuis, Steven Matz, Bobby Parnell and Eric Campbell) put the Mets at 47 players this season. The record in case you’re wondering is 54, set in 1967.


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Is Travis d’Arnaud changing his shirt?

7Twitter caught fire this morning with reports that Travis d’Arnaud was changing his uniform number, from 15 to 7. While I haven’t seen official confirmation yet, it appears the source is an especially revealing e-commerce site: The team’s own order-your-own-‘official’-jersey offer (only $267.99!!).

51The drop-down has plenty more to say that’s not yet on the official roster page, including assignments for newcomers John Mayberry Jr. (44); Sean Gilmartin (36); Jack Leathersich (51); Steven Matz (32); and Noah Syndergaard (34). A few other guys on the 40-man are listed in 00, which we’ll assume are unassigned still — Akeel Morris and Gabriel Ynoa. (Leathersich is also listed in 00, while Hansel Robles isn’t listed at all. Neither are the gaggle of NRIs who typically get Spring assignments in the 60s, 70s and 80s).

15We may be jumping the gun on at least some of the actual assignments. If d’Arnaud is indeed changing to 7, we’d presume Mayberry would take the vacant 15, which he wore for several years with the Phillies, rather than 44, which technically still belongs to 2014 Met and 2015 non-roster invitee Buddy Carlyle. The switch to 7 would also require that bench coach Bob Geren changes into something else, not that that’s a big deal. We’ve also heard, from a reader, that incoming hitting coach Kevin Long will wear No. 30, but still have no confirmation of that.

The move to 7 will reignite a battle for the all-time lead in hits by a single uniform number: Though 7 and occupants Ed Kranepool and Jose Reyes maintains its longtime, all-time lead, Team 5 led by David Wright as of the end of last season had pulled to within 3 hits.

Typically we’re at the time of year when such info drops officially so we expect to see the roster populate soon and answer — at least for now — the burning questions.

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Ham and Egbert

61Not clear as of this writing who will be demoted when journeyman lefty Dana Eveland arrives for today’s Mets-Phillies but it may as well be fellow traveler Buddy Carlyle who rescued an incompent Mets team Saturday with a win and 3 vital innings of relief work.

Carlyle wore No. 44, a quick reissue of the jersey Kyle Farnsworth fouled for the club. Eveland is said to be issued No. 61, a jersey last seen on the back of Jack Egbert, who might be the most forgettable Met all of all time.

44These Mets are driving me nuts. We know they don’t possess the most explosive offense in the league, but jeez, the pitching has been borderline great and the bullpen pieces appear to be in place after a lot of tinkering. So why do they struggle? Idiotic baserunning by the likes of Daniel Murphy and easy pop-ups clanking off Chris Young’s glove in the outfield. Philly is a flat-out awful team. It wouldn’t take 14 innings or more to beat them if the Mets could only be counted on to avoid these preventable execution errors. Not sure how Terry is dealing with this, but I’d bench Murph today and act like he won’t go tomorrow until he gets the message.

Let’s Go Mets and stuff.


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