Gonna Fly Now

What’s a weirder sight — Jay Horwitz wearing Jeromy Burntiz‘ hideous orange sportscoat… or Carlos Delgado wearing a uniform dirtier than Jason Giambi’s lucky thong? We got all that, plus Scott Schoeneweis wearing a satisfied smile, as the Mets’ sudden winning streak reached 3 games Thursday night. They scored all eight runs with two men out, an unfathomable accomplishment at some times this year and perhaps… maybe … a sign that they have turned the corner. Before they go for four straight Friday, please stop by the Holiday Inn LaGuardia and the Pine Lounge — that’s the former Bobby Vee’s — at 37-10 114th Street, right across the Grand Central from Big Shea. I’ll be there with Matthew Silverman. We’ll have books to sell and sign, or just hang out and schmooze pre-game: We’re headed to the game afterward. Thanks to Joey Reynolds and WOR for having us on the other night, and by night, I mean, late night: I didn’t wind up being much of a conversationalist at 2am, though Matt picked up the slack. The highlight of the experience was definitely getting an impromptu a capella “Take Me Out to the Ballgame” by Nu Millenium A Capella Soul, who went on before us.

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