It’s Not Even the All-Star Break Yet

45I’m almost too cranky to post this but seems that Pedro’s shocking injury will lead him to the disabled list and trigger the first roster move of the young season. Reports this morning say Nelson Figueroa will be recalled and ought to get at least one turn in the rotation before Orlando Hernandez is eligible to come off the DL – provided he’s healthy. Figueroa suited up this spring in No. 27, most recently belonging to Carlos Gomez, hero of the Twins’ opener.

Gomez of course was badly miscast as 27 and looks sleeker and more confident in 22. Lastings Milledge in typical overconfidence kept No. 44 and Paul LoDuca is still wearing 16 in Washington. I think of 27 as a pitcher’s number — it was Swan, Cardwell, Oliver, Harnisch — and now Nelson Figueroa. I’m confident we’ll see No. 45 again in time potential employers he’ll be a free agent this offseason but until then we’ll just have to do without.

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  1. Jon Springer says:

    Submitted by metirish on Wed, 04/02/2008 – 2:13pm.
    As much as I like Pedro I’m not thinking the season is gone to hell now that he’s injured , just like I don’t expect El Duque to be a saviour , in fact I would prefer not to see El Duque. It was mentioned during the game last night that the Mets have the second oldest roster in the majors which kind of shocked me until I started going through the names. I’m guessing the Gianst have the oldest.
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    Mets’ roster page has

    Submitted by DaveM (not verified) on Wed, 04/02/2008 – 7:33pm.
    Mets’ roster page has Figueroa as #27. And you’re right about it being a “pitchers’ number” – gee, I remember Don Cardwell, back in my nascent days of Mets fandom. I’m not shedding a lot of tears for Pedro… I do think that his best days as a pitcher are now squarely behind him.

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