Eric Valent No Longer Greatest 57 in Mets History

Yes, so you may have heard the Mets went and acquired this Johan Santana fellow from the Twins for a package of four prospects: Outfielder Carlos Gomez and pitchers Phillip Humber, Kevin Mulvey, and Deolis Guerra.

And although the Mets will assuredly sign to Santana to an absurd contract extension, this deal right now looks remarkable for how little blood was spilled. Gomez, though he showed flashes of ability and a “good baseball body,” proved in a limited engagement last season that he probably needs a year at AAA. Mulvey looks to be midddling starter material, not to belittle the value of averageness from young pitchers. Humber and Guerra are lottery tickets: Humber because he still needs to regain his stuff following Tommy John surgery; and Guerra because he’s in A ball and anything can happen.

And although we suggested the Mets could use Santana to doubly erase Tom Glavine’s memory by dressing him in No. 47, we’re reasonably certain he’ll alight in his familiar 57 where indeed, he’s all but certain to overtake cannon fodder starter Jason Roach and determined scrubeenie Eric Valent as Best. 57. Ever.

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