Curse You, Karim Garcia!

Thanks to Greg for the headline (his remark in the “Odd Occurrance” post below, plus my additon, four exclaimation points for emphasis). Among the many things Karim Garcia ruined (not the least of which was almost any day he played for the Mets) was the fouling up of an otherwiseall-odd starting lineup on May 30, 2004. The chubby cheap Vlad Guererro was the only even-numbered player in the day’s starting lineup, which was a shame since we have yet to find a game in Met history that didn’t have any even-numbered players in it (nor have we found an all-even lineup).

That’s not to say these things haven’t happened.

So we’re still looking to find an example of each, not to mention an all-ascending or all-descending starting lineup.

The clubhouse leaders for highest (274) and lowest (84) combined are as follows:

July 3, 1962:
1 Ashburn
10 Kanehl
11 Woodling
16 Taylor
4 Neal
2 Throneberry
18 Mantilla
7 Chacon
15 Jackson

April 4, 2002
47 McEwing
12 Alomar
42 Vaughn
31 Piazza
13 Alfonzo
20 Burnitz
44 Payton
10 Ordonez
55 Estes

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