Let’s Take a Break

The Mets as expected activated Dave Williams 32 prior to Sunday’s getaway in Houston and the Astros summarily beat him silly. The question as to who would be demoted to make room was answered when Ricky Ledee 9 was optioned to AAA.

The 8-3 loss sent the Mets limping into the break still in first place, but hardly looking like a championship team. While injuries have been a part of the struggle, it’s the performance of the guys out there everyday — particularly the right side of the infield — that’s really been a drag. That and the fact that some Mets just seem … unhappy. There’s Reyes sulking after bouncing out and and failing to run out grounders. There’s Heilman and his hangdog expression. LoDuca blowing up at umpires and/or the press. Wagner flattening a teammate with a comment in the papers.

There’s been some good stuff too, particularly from Reyes and Wagner. But over the break the Mets will have to consider how much more rope they can afford to give Jose Valentin 22, who is battling wounded knees and just doesn’t look sharp at all and how they intend to get better production out of the corner outfield slots. As the trade deadline approaches it will be interesting to see just what the Mets go for (I’m thinking, Brand Name Relievers if nothing else, but it would als be nice to see them pry some future help as well, like they did with Oliver Perez a year ago.

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