Guess the Number

More updates and intrigue from St. Lucie: Weepy veteran Bret Boone yesterday turned in his No. 9 jersey and retired. As pictured at left, Chad Bradford was spotted wearing 53, not 35 he was initially issued: That makes sense given his previous stops in Boston and Oakland, but it means a change for coach Jerry Manuel — only to what we’re not sure (thanks Matt for the photo). Readers also checked in with their best guesses as to Jose Santiago’s elusive jersey number: Using the process of elimination, one enterprising guy guessed either 52 (though we wouldn’t be surprised if Manuel shows up with that one now) or 87 — all others with the exceptions of 8, 24, 31 and 69 have been issued, with three of those numbers in semi-hibernation. One possibility we’ve realized by now is Santiago in the 35 we previously thought belonged to Bradford.

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