Shea Hey Willie

Omar Minaya’s first move with Full Autonomy (Full autonomy?! Full autonomy!) was to name X-Yankee/X-Met and New Yorker Willie Randolph as the team’s 18th manager. Willie posed for blasphemous photos at Shea yesterday wearing Mookie Wilson’s No. 1, but it’s likely he’ll be wearing another number the next time he suits up. Willie was No. 30 for most of his Yankee career, but wore 12 while with the Mets in 1992. Taking his customary number would require Cliff Floyd to change jerseys but there’s speculation that Minaya will do what he can to change what it says on the front of Cliff’s shirt this winter anyhow. Danny Garcia is the current No. 12.

Though we think Bobby Valentine might have been a better choice, we’re willing to give Willie a shot. Thankfully, he didn’t arrive with the ridiculous contract his predecessor did.

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