Hot Stove is Lit

After officially naming Jim Duquette the team’s GM the Duke’s first order of new business was to name Rick Peterson, late of the Athletics, as the Mets new pitching coach. Peterson wrore No. 46 last year in Oakland, but that’s no guarantee of his digits here.

Talks begin this week on players the Mets may acquire. Among those romantically linked to the Mets thus far include centerfielder Mike Cameron (No. 44 on your Mariners’ scorecard); closers Billy Koch of the White Sox (44) and Keith Foulke of Oakland (29); and from Japan, infielders Kazuo Matsui and Tadahito Iguchi (both of whom wear No. 7). Stay tuned (or logged in, or whatever) throughout the Hot Stove season: More updates as they come!

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