Decision time

It’s not even go time but Carlos Mendoza is faced with a tough managerial decision. Does he give up No. 28 to newly arriving DH JD Martinez?

Martinez reportedly signed last night; he’s worn 28 most of his career including at his last three playing addresses. I never heard exactly why Mendoza preferred 28 but he could easily step aside and into one of the numbers opening up as he cuts minor leaguers. He could in fact cut Zack Short should he want to wear 74. Gotta view every move suspiciously from here on out.

That’s all the time I have this morning. More soon.

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  1. Stu Baron says:

    I believe 26 is available.

  2. Matt B says:

    Ji Man Choi is currently in 26, but I think he can opt out if he wants. Regarding Mendoza and #28, this info came out of his press conference when he was introduced. My guess is that he gives JD number 28.

    “The number 28 is significant to Mendoza. He wore the number when he first played Winter Ball in the Dominican Republic and won Rookie of the Year.

    Personally, in his family, it is also significant because he met his wife on September 28.”

  3. Mike says:

    It’s just been announced. Martinez will wear # 28, Mendoza is switching to # 64.

  4. Mike says:

    According to both and, Zack Short has been assigned # 21.

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