Meet the New Middle Relief Corps

Well it looks like the mystery below has been settled on Twitter, or has it? Word now is that’s Marv Throneberry, based on his white sideburns. Here’s an image I found on the Internet. Could be him! Marv wore No. 2 as a Met but 55 seems like something they’d give a coach.

Back to the Mets and the astonishing return of Sean Reid-Foley! He appeared seemingly out of nowhere wearing No. 71 the other night; the 61 he used to have has been given to Michael Perez. Reid-Foley has been away since early last season with Tommy John surgery. I always thought this guy might be something, having come over for a name-brand pitcher in Steven Matz.

Another blast from the past, if you recall minor-league Mets, is Adam Kolarek, a lefty sidearmer wearing 66. Kolarek was a longshot prospect who got away and since been kicked around the league from Baltimore to Tampa to Los Angeles to Oakland to Atlanta, etc. The Mets got him from the Dodgers along with Phil Bickford in a cash deal at the deadline. A whole new middle-relief corps.


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  1. Stu Baron says:

    Seems like the Marvelous Marv Throneberry caption is a dead giveaway!

  2. Gene F. says:

    Ronny Mauricio is en route to Citi Field. He’s too big a prospect to stick in an offensive lineman’s number. Maybe 10? Is 7 mothballed, and if so, why haven’t they retired it while Eddie Kranepool is still here to enjoy the accolades.

    • Stu Baron says:

      Maybe because Kranepool was more significant in Mets history emotionally than statistically. A valid argument can be made that José Reyes is more worthy of a number retirement.

      • Gene Frey says:

        No rules for worthiness of retiring a number. If results were all that mattered Casey wouldn’t be up there. Not comparing Eddie’s impact to Casey’s but stating that emotional attachment is a valid reason to honor a player or person.

    • Matt B says:

      Sadly, I think 7 in mothballed for Reyes, not Kranepool. I think it will be 10 or 21 for Ronny. I said a few months back that I hope they move Narvaez to 10, which he has worn in the past, and give Ronny 2, which he seems to prefer.

  3. Jon Springer says:

    I think Ronny comes in the 60 they assigned him in spring training, and he’ll get a more dignified number if he performs well enough to get a spot on next year’s team.

  4. Stu Baron says:

    Looks like Jon is correct. He’s listed in 60 on’s roster.

  5. Stu Baron says:

    Looks like I was mistaken; he’s playing in no. 10.

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