Catch Them While You Can

A flurry of fast-vanishing minor league palookas have inhabited the bullpen lately. We’ve seen Edwin Uceta (64), Zach Muckenhirn (71), and Dominic Leone (50), not to mention emergency starters Jose Butto and Denyi Reyes. Leone appeared so suddenly he beat the transactions column.

While inputting some of these guys I realized I’d neglected to mark the end of their predecessors like RJ Alvarez for Muckenhirn and the unforgettable Nate Fisher for Uceta. Early May seems too soon to be this deep into bullpen depth, but these guys are churning already. Only Leone is still up, now that Tommy Hunter and Stephen Nogosek are back from injury.

I’m not certain how the Mets shake themselves out of this malaise but more consistent work from the top three in the lineup would a place to start. They gave off “Worst Team Money Can Buy” vibes this week in Detroit.

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  1. Matt B says:

    Michael Perez in #61 this time around. There a quite a few lower numbers not in circulation these days, including 16 and 18. Wondering if they are keeping them available for Ohtani, since he can’t have #17. He wore 16 in the WBC, and 18 is often a coveted number for Japanese pitching aces. I just feel like Cohen will give him as much money as he wants to get him—I hope!

  2. Gordon says:

    Josh Walker gets 91 to replace David Peterson on the roster. Not exactly a number that exudes confidence.

    BTW, the all time list needs some updates of the ending dates for the 2022 guys who are gone – unless you think deGrom is coming back.

  3. Matt B says:

    Sanchez in #33

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