Confessions of a Technical Illiterate Who Also Never Heard of R.J. Alvarez

Let me start by saying, I’m sorry.

This site, kind of like the Mets, has struggled a little recently. Without getting too deeply into detail, there was an issue of a disagreement between my antivirus software and my domain host, that prevented me, or rather, just made it too complicated, to promptly update the site, and between that, and a new job I have that’s incredibly busy, and the fact that my keyboard needed to be replaced, etc etc … I fell way behind and makes it look as though this site (meaning, me) was not paying attention to the Mets, even though I was (the database, for example was being updated). It was like being gagged. Over the 23 years I’ve operated this site, it has survived a few similar periods, and … there’s more work to be done.

I don’t know about you guys, but I worked out the above issue this morning only to find out doing so made the website “theme” look wrong (it looks wrong doesn’t it?), and when I went to address that I was surprised to find the theme host stopped supporting this particular theme… omg, EIGHT YEARS AGO. So that’s another project that might interfere, just warning you. It’s been so long since I last updated the bones of this site, I’ve pretty much forgotten how to do that, so be patient and wish me luck, and maybe I can do a Cliff Floyd and try put off major surgery till the offseason, even if I have to limp around and fake it for a bit.

But what I really want to say is how have YOU been? And how about those Mets?

Me, I’ve veered between worry and elation over the last month or so. Neither of the home-and-home sets with Houston was in any sense encouraging, except, if you could step back and say to yourself, as I’ve often said to myself this year, that we are still witness to one of the very best Mets seasons ever (though not necessarily the best Mets *team ever) and one thing about the 2022 Mets, the 1986 Mets and the 1969 Mets clubs was, they struggled against Houston in the regular season.

Since the last time we “talked” (looks it up… mid-May, Jesus!) we’ve seen the return of Tommy Hunter, now wearing 34; the debut of Ender Inciarte in 22; a ghost appearance by Gosuke Katoh in 25; guys like Jake Reed return, still wearing 72; and yesterday I guy I swear I never heard of, nor even knew was in the organization, but has played on several MLB teams, R.J. Alvarez, shows up wearing 71 in the bullpen. Did I forget anything? I mean, other than how to maintain a website?


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  1. Good to have you back! Hang in there – tech can be a bitch. I had a site that decided to ditch Flash, and I lost two years worth of blog posts.

  2. Do you have any guesses who the guys in this photo are? The only 50-somethings with the Mets in 1972 were coaches and the only 40-somethings I believe were white.

    • Jon Springer says:

      Hi Dennis! I’ll open this up the experts here when I get a minute… It’s funny, this comment was trapped in the “approval queue”

  3. […] I finally learned last night who R.J. Alvarez actually is and our first meeting didn’t go well. Same with Deven Marrero. Same also with Michael Perez, […]

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