This Is Our Hill, And These Are Our Beans

The wealthy but needy Mets pulled off a little trade yesterday for Rich Hill, the elderly lefthander who will help patch a leaky rotation and according to the narrative will be a Veteran Playoff Experience Intangible superspreader.

The Mets are listing Hill in 53, which belongs to pitching coach Jeremy Hefner but probably won’t matter much because Hef never shows a jersey.  As Matt remembers in the comments below, this has happened before. Nobody will notice anyway.

Tommy Hunter and a minor league catcher go away so it’s not a heavy price. Hunter surrenders the normal number no. 29 in the deal, which we also seem in short supply of.

Traveling this week and updates are going to be tricky! I’m sure more news will come…

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  1. Chris says: has Hill in #21.

  2. 9th string catcher says:

    #21 for Hill. How about that?

  3. Gordon says:

    Akeem Bostick 71. My first thought was of Akeel Morris who had a memorable 2/3 of an inning career for the Mets.

  4. Matt B says:

    So I think Baez gets #7. If he really wants 9 from Nimmo, I say Nimmo takes 7. We’ll see…

  5. Jim A says:

    Mets have tweeted Baez in #23, which happens to be David Peterson’s number.

  6. Chris says:

    Banda has been DFA’d, so perhaps Peterson will take #77 back.

  7. Jim A says:

    Gary Cohen just explained that Peterson has agreed to take #46, which I guess is twice as good as 23.

    • Gordon says:

      I believe that #46 has the worst history of players for any number in the normal rotation of numbers. Neil Allen was the first to wear it and in my opinion was the best of the 20+ others who have worn it since. No offense to the Ollie Perez fans out there.
      Any thought on the well used numbers with the worst history?

  8. Matt B says:

    Peterson will just go back to #23 next year, as there is no way Baez stays here as I am sure he wants to play SS regularly somewhere.

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