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If he can get to opening day before being traded to another club, it looks like Dominic Smith will do so with a new number.

Readers and attendees of yesterday’s Fan Fest at Citifield reported seeing baseball’s most popular reserve first baseman sporting No. 2. That’s evidently because newly arrived Rick Porcello took 22 from him, although as relayed by Matt in the comments in the below section:

I wonder why Porcello just didn’t take #21. He switched to it in Detroit and wore it in college. I remember Dom got #22 from former coach Tom Goodwin. Seemed like he would be reluctant to give up his number. Maybe Porcello bought him a nice Rolex.

There’s conflicting “reports” out there about how much tinkering the Mets may still do with this club; it seems that guys like Smith, Yoenis Cespedes, Brandon Nimmo, Jed Lowrie are being thrown about, though if you ask me there better be Nolan Arenado as the end result if they are going cough these guys up.

Smith would be the first No. 2 since Joe Panik departed for Toronto.

Also heard from longtime reader Jason, who patches the following holes in the upcoming roster: Steven Gonsalves 59; Andres Gimenez 60; Tomas Szapucki 63; Jordan Humpheys 64; and Tim David Petersen 77. Also, bench coach Hensley Muelens was spotted wearing 58 (thanks Gene).

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  1. Chris says:

    Isn’t that David Petersen?

  2. Chris says:

    The other #2, Gavin Cecchini, has been signed by Arizona.

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