The 700th Met

MBTN readers come through again: With their help, we’ve made a methodology change, fixed an accounting error and present the following list of century Mets:

100: Jimmie Schaffer (July 26, 1965)
200: Bill Sudakis (July 11, 1972)
300: Phil Mankowski (April 11, 1980)
400: Randy Milligan (Sept. 12, 1987)
500: Kelly Stinnett (April 5, 1994)
600: Lenny Harris (July 4, 1998)
700: Tom Glavine (March 31, 2003)

Thanks to MBTN readers Gordon for providing guidance on Nos. 100 and 200; and to Lou who spotted an error in No. 500. The latter was actually a “tie” between Stinnett and Pete Smith, the starting battery for the April 5, 1994 game. We went with Stinnett because he was announced first. Applying a consistent tiebreaker to this year’s coronation of the 700th Met makes Cliff Floyd 698, Rey Sanchez 699 and Glavine 700. I know we said before we didn’t plan on doing it that way but we also didn’t anticipate historical ties.

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