Wilson, Dilson, Schmillson

Word came in this evening the Mets have come to an agreement with chubby veteran free-agent catcher Wilson Ramos, a longtime Met nemesis who if he can 1) pass the physical and, 2) stay on the field, and, 3) slow the aging process typical for fat catchers in their 30s, just might improve the Mets’ stagnant backstop situation.

It’s only a two-year deal so what’s not to like, especially if it cools Brodie’s jets of entertaining three-way swaps with the Yankees involving Nimmo, Rosario, Conforto or Syndergaard, so it has a mild stamp of approval from us for now.

What number will he wear? Ramos is a longtime No. 40 and old enough to dictate it, so I can see Jason Vargas changing his shirt. Vargas in fact has already changed once; you might recall before being thrown in in the idiotic JJ Putz deal of 2008-09, Vargas spent a brief period with the Mets wearing 43. That figure was worn last season by ineffective reliever Jamie Callahan, whose season ended with shoulder surgery. He refused to be outrighted to the new Syracuse club and so became a free agent. This is a long way of saying 43 would be available should Vargas want to switch back.

And in the event the Mets actually care what Vargas wants, Ramos could wear No. 4, sadly surrendered by the nontendered Wilmer Flores. Let’s hope Wilmer returns as a coach or something someday. I get that his time was likely up given injuries and a little less production than would behoove an arbitration-eligible ballplayer, but as far as I’m concerned, he doesn’t have to buy a drink among Mets fans for the rest of his life, and that’s something.

I didn’t update you all on this but of course 27 will available for Juerys Familia next season. I’m no fan of blowing cash on relief pitchers, but if you’re going to you may as well get a guy whose stuff you know and mostly trust and whom the fans admire. Familia ought to make a good team with Edwin Diaz especially if they’re utilized effectively, but count on the Mets to justify the strenuous Cano trade by carefully designating Diaz as the “9th inning guy.” Not said, if Diaz happens to screw the pooch or tear his UCL as acquired relievers with 100-mph heat have from time to time, it’s good to have a backup.

Speaking of reunions the Mets signed Dilson Herrera to a minor league deal. Perhaps if it all goes wrong this year they can trade him to Seattle for Jay Bruce.

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  1. Chris says:

    Twitter lists Ramos as taking #40.
    Vargas’ predecessor and successor in #40 are both named Ramos.

  2. Gene F says:

    Ramos in 40 at the presser, confirming Chris above.

  3. Richard says:

    Vargas’ number wearing history has no rhyme or reason. He’s never worn the same number twice in his career going back to 2005. My guess is he just doesn’t care what he wears on his back and will take whatever the Mets give him. That’s probably why Ramos got #40…Vargas doesn’t care and if it means more to someone else to have #40, then by all means have at it.

  4. Jim says:

    SNY Roster listing includes numbers for everyone on the 40-man (currently 39-man), even those for whom Mets.com does not:
    Kyle Dowdy 89 – kinda arbitrary but whatevs
    Jeurys Familia 32 – WTF?
    Chris Flexen 64 – same as prior
    Franklyn Kilome 66 – although we won’t see it until 2020
    Wilson Ramos 40 – as noted previously. They also still list Vargas as 40
    Gavin Cecchini 2 – same as prior
    Luis Guillorme 15 – same as prior

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