The Todd Squad

As you know by now the Mets took advantage of a buyer’s market and signed Todd Frazier to a cheapo 2-year contract to complete the infield. The signing also acknowledges the unlikelihood that David Wright make a miraculous return to form, exposing my own overinvestment in denial.

Frazier most certainly will take over the vacant and dignified No. 21 last worn by Lucas Duda and previously by Carlos Delgado and Cleon Jones. Two of the Mets’ previous Todds (Zeile and Hundley) wore No. 9 at one point in their Met tenures, though Jackson Todd wore No. 30.

(Update: Alert readers of social media reminded me this initial post overlooked Todds Pratt and Haney, initally, mea maxima culpa) .

I guess I like Frazier a little better than were they to engage Neil Walker again, but I’m concerned about all the outmaking, and somewhat dismayed that the seemingly collusive market, as much as its brought opportunity to the Mets is headed for a big ugly correction in the next CBA. Teams are onto the fact that guys are worth less as they age, even as the free agency system provides for them to earn more. The Mets it seems to me need guys who get on base and score every bit as much as those who can drive them in, which is why I’m a big proponent of Brandon Zimmo.

Jose Reyes has also come back, that was no small surprise. Most definitely he will wear 7 again. I was watching that number to see whether Travis d’Arnaud would claim it back. He changes numbers like batting stances.

Mets should be posting that spring roster any day now.

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  1. James Andreano says:

    Jon, what did you mean when you referred to the Reyes re-signing as “no small surprise”? Meaning that it was not surprising at all, or that it was a big surprise? I personally did not find it surprising at all.

    • Jon Springer says:

      Yes I meant not surprising in the least that he’s back. Too toxic elsewhere and plays for cheap. But I did want to see if dAraud would go back to 7. I believe Tomas Nido also has a thing for 7, not that he’s necessarily a factor but you never know.

  2. Chris says:

    If Reynolds is claimed (or even if he passes through and they keep him in the system), any odds on d’Arnaud taking #15 back?

    • Jon Springer says:

      15 could be reserved for Tebow as noted in the new post! If I recall, dArnaud didn’t like 15, that’s why he went to 7 so it didn’t occur to me he would take 15 back, though it would interesting if he did.

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