Sucking in the Seventies

Well here’s a couple more Mets to update you on. Phillip Evans, who sports a nice tan and can play several infield positions, is up with the club and wearing No. 72; and today comes world that Class AA catching prospect Tomas Nido is up and will wear No. 77.

Trying to make sense of these assignments is never easy, but 72 is simply the number Evans had in Spring Training and the Mets hardly bother to update it any more. That’s why Nido’s assignment is weird: He was No. 70 in Spring Training.

Further in-depth research by my crack team of researchers indicates Nido has a thing for No. 7, having worn it at several stops prior to New York including the World Futures game and at Binghamton this season, and maybe, 70 wasn’t doing it for him. Maybe 07 would have done it. But, he’s 77.

Both Evans and Nido are the second-ever residents of their numbers. Carolos Torres broke in 72 after Yoenis Cespedes’ arrival forced him out of 52. 77 belonged to the one and only DJ Carrasco, who after all this time may still be the worst free agent signing of the Sandy Alderson era.

A promoted minor league coach, Ryan Ellis, is up and wearing No. 60. I debate about including these types in the “official” record: It has always seemed to me that a manager should get 4 coaches: 1st and 3rd base, pitching and hitting, but that’s probably me being a cranky old man.


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  1. 9th string catcher says:

    Sucking in the 70s…

  2. Mauryo says:

    You included Backman (on the all time roster) wearing 86 as a late season coaching call up.

  3. Bill M says:

    I predicted Mickey Callaway would choose 36, although it was a pretty easy prediction. I believe he was most recently 32. Gotta let Matz keep that in hopes that Matlack mojo will rub off. I believe he’s also worn 44 & 13 as a coach. Not available. he was 36, 51, & 61 as a player. 51 & 61 are also not currently available. So 36 it is.

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