Fake News? Ty Ballgame, updated

New-arriving information indicates the news I passed along yesterday regarding Ty Kelly may not be entirely accurate, and by “entirely” I mean, entirely. Can anyone clear this up? I’ve asked Ty himself to check in.

Thanks to alert reader Chris who passed along a tip: Ty Kelly is back in uni No. 55, after having arrived at camp assigned 56.

I haven’t confirmed this independently and should have asked the reader for the dope.

Kelly as you may remember was issued 55 a year ago when he made his Met debut but lost his number, along with a big-league job, when the Mets re-acquired Kelly Johnson last June and gave the 55 jersey he’d worn for a glorious half-season in 2015. When Ty Kelly reappeared later in the year he was wearing 56, which also happened to be the uni on Kelly’s back during the recent World Baseball Classic, when he represented Isreal.

Whether Kelly resurfaces with the Mets remains in question as he lost his 40-man roster spot in February and resigned a minor league contract and so would need a 40-man space to open up before he returns. That said with Juan Lagares expected to miss time with an injury and a mostly right-handed bench the switch-hitting, multi-position playing Kelly could be in demand.

I’m also wondering if Kelly is really changing numbers why he wouldn’t pounce on the still-available 11, which matches his Twitter handle and the double Ls in his last name.

It’s been a long Spring Training, a long off-season, in fact, with little to speculate on but the butt-end of the Met bench and bullpen, what Tim Tebow is up to and, perhaps, who gets Juerys Familia’s spot for the length of time he’s suspended. It’s been so boring, in fact, my friend Jason is wondering whether there will be any new Mets at all when the curtain rises a week from today.

That brings us to the possibility that Paul Sewald comes north.┬áLike Kelly he’s a recent ex-resident of the 40-man but he’s had a good spring. Would he stay in 79? Stay tuned.

Sewald was optioned just after I wrote this. Sorry, Paul!

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  1. Matt B says:

    I know I have said this already, but Kelly, TJ Rivera, Gsellman and Lugo all need lower numbers. There are enough unoccupied lower numbers available this year.

  2. kermit says:

    If Kelly wore 56 at the WBC, does that mean he’s come to have an attachment to it? Ty seems like a pretty thoughtful guy. And one could ask the same question for Lugo and 67. TJ wore 5 for Puerto Rico, so maybe he’s a better candidate to move to a lower number.

  3. Chris says:

    I did see a video of Kelly wearing #55, but now I’m wondering if it was from last year. Sorry if I was mistaken.

    • Jon Springer says:

      No worries, Chris! I advised Ty on Twitter to jump on 11 but he’s so far ignored me.

  4. Matt B says:

    I heard that Thor is going to give #34 back to Big Pelf! ……..April Fool’s……sorry, couldn’t help myself.

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