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59The Mets following Wednesday’s victory over the sinking Marlins said they have acquired veteran right-handed reliever Fernando Salas from the Angels in exchange for Class A pitcher Erik Manoah. Salas, a one-time closer with the Cardinals and currently serving that role part-time in Anaheim, is expected to add depth to the “7th-inning” level of the Met bullpen, where Hansel Robles and Jim Henderson have encountered recent struggles.

49Salas has worn No. 59 in both St. Louis and in Anaheim, although that figure currently belongs to Josh Smoker. It would seem an awful lot of work to accommodate him but it could be done if Smoker goes back to the 49 he was issued when he first arrived, or grabs one of the few remaining unassigned numbers (2, 46, 53, 58). More likely though we’ll see Salas in one of those.

00Here’s a suggestion though. What if they took advantage of SALAS’ palindromic qualities and gave him a number that looks the same frontward and backward? 00?

Salas’ arrival by the way ensures he can be post-season eligible, as can the four guys the Mets have already announced are getting recalls from Class AAA Vegas: Michael Conforto (30), Kevin Plawecki (26), Ty Kelly (56) and Gabriel Ynoa (63). With news that Neil Walker is also likely to be out for the rest of the year you wonder if or when Gavin Cecchini gets a call but perhaps this is T.J. Rivera’s time to shine.

Four games into the below mentioned “21-12” scenario, the Mets are 3-1 and sure enough are making the progress they have to towards the playoffs but my pennant fever at this point is still just an itchy rash. As I’ve said all year if and when they puncture that 10-games-over plateau, maybe the temperature rises.

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  1. Doug Sisk says:

    If Smoker switches to a third number, would that be a single-season Met record?

    • Jon Springer says:

      Roger Craig is the only guy (I think??) who wore 3 different numbers in a single year: 38, 36 and 13 in 1963. Am I forgetting any?

  2. Gene F. says:

    Carig reports: Fernando Salas will wear 59, Josh Smoker switches to 58.

    Wondering the same as Doug Sisk above – has even the legendary Jeff McKnight worn three numbers in a single season? In any case, Smoker has to now hold the cumulative number total (183) for a Met – unless Turk Wendell wore 85 once, naturally.

  3. Doug Sisk says:

    Smoker is a living saint. He deserves to hold the lifetime record.

  4. Matt B says:

    Did Smoker actually appear in a game wearing #49? I thought he was called up but never appeared in a game wearing it.

    • Jim A. says:

      Smoker’s first Met tenure was most unusual. Mets were rained out and scheduled a makeup doubleheader for the next day. Under MLB rules a team is allowed to carry a 26th man for the second game of a doubleheader. So they told Smoker to get here as soon as he could. Problem was, he was out west somewhere, there were flight delays, and you lose three hours anyway. He got to the stadium and into his #49 uniform in time for the 7th inning. He sat in the bullpen for three innings and headed back out west the next day.

      • Jon Springer says:

        Thanks Jim. I happened to be in attendance that night but didn’t catch a glimpse of Smokey then. yeah, so he’s a 3-number guy with an asterisk

  5. Tom says:

    Lugo 67, Ynoa 63… 46 and 53 are available. I hate this new trend towards football numbers.

  6. Matt B says:

    I agree, Tom. I hate these football numbers. 53 is unavailable…bullpen catcher Dave Racaniello wears it. Assign #49 to someone…Niese is done for the season and not coming back anyway. #46 is available. The big problem that has been discussed here before is that so many low numbers are assigned to coaches. I loved the old policy of assigning coaches numbers in the 50s, unless it was an ex-player like Mookie or Teufel. If they still did this, the following numbers would be available: 6,22,23,25,38.

  7. Chris says:

    Gavin Cecchini will be called up tomorrow.

    #2 is now available.

  8. Ten! | says:

    […] I’ve said all year if and when they puncture that 10-games-over plateau, maybe the temperature […]

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