32This year’s trade deadline, about as nutty as last year’s, has resulted in the acquisition of Reds slugger Jay Bruce and the shocking return of Jon Niese. Both guys will be hunting for new uniform numbers as their existing digits belong to their new teammates.

49Bruce, a slugger who can hopefully replace some lefthanded sock that vanished when Lucas Duda got hurt, wears the unusual No. 32, currently and could perhaps pry it from Steven Matz with a Rolex — in the baseball world, the currency of the uniform number. Niese was the Mets’ last occupant of No. 49 until Josh Smoker came and went last Tuesday. Technically 49 still belongs him him.

Niese by the way wore No. 18 in Pittsburgh, where he washed out as a starter and had recently been assigned to the bullpen.

As for the outbound freight, Dilson Hererra has been occupying No. 2 in Vegas and on the Mets’ 40-man roster, which was his number before and after the visit from Juan Uribe last summer, when Hererra wore the since-reassigned No. 16. Uribe, struggling in Cleveland, happened to have been DFAed to make room for all Cleveland’s new gets today and so could potentially slide back in No. 2. That’s the theme this year.

The guy we traded for Niese, gascan lefty Antonio Bastardo, wore No. 59, for the apparent minimum number of seconds he took between delivering pitches. I’m glad to see it and he go, particularly since the Pirates are picking up the commitment.

Fill me in if anything official comes in!

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  1. Gene F. says:

    I wonder if the retirement of 31 will release the mothballs and put 8, 17 and 24 back in circulation? Probably not, but I’ve never liked the limbo – retire ’em or recirculate ’em.

  2. Richard says:

    I hope so. Enough already.

    I’m gonna guess that Niese gets his #49 back b/c Stoner will probably be sent down if he hasn’t already by now.

    As for Bruce…I don’t think Matz gives up #32. Maybe Dick Scott will let him have #23, a reversal of his digits?

    Also, does Dan Warthen return to #59 with Bastardo traded?

  3. hodges14 says:

    Niece probably gets his old number back. I think Bruce does 22. Also, another link in the trade chain, in case you’ve forgotten, now that Dilson’s gone.

  4. Howie R says:

    NJ.COM has Bruce at #36

  5. Howie R says:

    It also has Niece listed at #19

  6. Howie R says:

    Well, according to SNY, Bruce will wear #19

  7. Chris says:

    MetsBlog says Bruce is wearing #19. I’m guessing Niese takes #49 back.

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