How to Dress Jose Reyes

7So if the reports are accurate maligned former prodigy Jose Reyes could be rejoining the Mets as soon as today. While I’d naturally prefer my guys not to be coming off disciplinary suspensions, and I would hope his equity not put undue pressure on teammates, I can see where the prospect of a proven speedy contact hitter who can play multiple infield positions at a bargain price could help the team. I would hope also that just like Lenny Randle in 1977, the club is sensible enough to keep Reyes on a short behavioral leash while allowing him to do himself the favor of re-establishing a derailed career. If he can play, it’s all good.

No shortage of speculation as to his uniform number is out there, but I cannot see where it is fair or appropriate for Travis d’Arnaud to put aside a personally selected No. 7 to make room for Reyes, particularly with Reyes’ shady recent legal tangles and especially considering the way he left the club in 2009 (2011, thx, Dave). He was right go, don’t get me wrong, but he took off for Miami as though he were stealing second base.

77Question is what then? Back in 2003, when Reyes was a but a Met puppy, the Mets (idiotically, it turned out) signed the Japanese free agent Kaz Matsui to a contract. Matsui wore 7 in Japan and some bright people suggested then they creatively solve the issue by giving Matsui 77. They didn’t. Things would have been different, I tell you.

46So I can see the Mets going that route, maybe. Perhaps, though, presenting Reyes with 77 (or even 07) is too larded with tender forethought to be appropriate for a guy coming off a wife-beating rap. I am coming around to the idea it would be best if Reyes gets a number that sends the message that the Mets aren’t doing Jose Reyes any favors beyond the opportunity to wear a uniform. Any uniform. Give him No. 46. It’ll all be a weird scene anyway.

1Lots of speculation too about unoccupied single digits of 1 and 9 but I’m coming around to suspect those might be held out of the rotation with a purpose. Shortstop prospect Amed Rosario is racing up the ladder and bringing No. 1 with him: You may have seen he debuted with Class AA Binghamton just this week and like of all people Jose Reyes, could be a big-league shortstop by the age of 21. I’m less certain of No. 9’s future but suspect we could see Brandon Nimmo wearing it before long.

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  1. Chris says:

    Give him #18. It’s a fit, Strawberry was accused of hitting his wife a few times.

  2. Chris says:

    Reports are that Conforto is about to be sent to Las Vegas and Nimmo brought up.

  3. Howie R says:

    Conforto down, Nimmo up.

  4. Zimmo! | says:

    […] As noted below I felt this was a move just waiting around for the Mets to make for a few weeks now, and figure the worst case scenario is for Nimmo to struggle up here for a few weeks. Not anything Conforto wasn’t doing. Conforto I am certain has a big-league bat and will be back in action shortly at which point the Mets could either send Nimmo back down, trade or release De Aza, or something even more radical. There are no downsides. […]

  5. Lawrence says:

    Nimmo is #9 on the Mets Roster. Maz didn’t get #16 upon his return in 86!

  6. Howie R says:

    It’s possible assistant hitting coach Pat gives up his #6 to Reyes if Travis keeps his number. Just a thought…….

  7. Meezy says:

    How about #0 for Reyes?

  8. Howie R says:

    Another possibility is that they cut DeAza, give Travis his 16 and Reyes takes 7.

  9. Bill M. says:

    Travis has already stated he will give Reyes #7 if need be. I’d rather see Travis keep 7, & see Reyes in #1, it might represent a change for Reyes.

  10. Chris says:

    Reyes being called up tomorrow, according to Rotoworld. No word on who gets chopped from the 40-man. Perhaps De Aza, which also frees a spot on the 25-man?

  11. Gene F. says:

    Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr…. Rubin reporting that Reyes will get back the number he disgraced ex post facto. No word on what d’Arnaud gets, but hopefully he’ll be back in 7 before the season ends.

  12. Howie R says:

    Another possibility is that Reynolds gets sent down & Travis gets his old #15 back. Reynolds gets a new # if he’s called back up.

  13. […] With Reyes set to take over 7, it triggers yet another uni change for Travis d’Arnaud, whom I’d have advised to stay put. And while it’s possible we’ll see d’Arnaud move back to 15, especially if […]

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