Oh What a Loney Boy

I’m on the road and can’t post right away but according to various stuff I’ve seen in space it would appear James Loney will be assigned no. 28 upon his arrival in Met City Tuesday.

28The bad news is that it may accompany a disabled list assignment for David Wright, we’ll have to wait and see.

In other unpleasant things we fans need to confront, Noah Syndergaard made a mess of the whole weekend.

No doubt that what Chase Utley did last year was dirty and ought to be outlawed, but it’s also how baseball has been played for 150 years. Ruben Tejada got hurt mainly because Daniel Murphy gave him a terrible throw but also because Tejada made the mistake of turning his back on an incoming runner, especially a known scumbag like Utley.

The Mets avenged the injury by leaving Utley and the Dodgers behind while they went and played the World Series. Sure, Syndergaard’s pitch Saturday meant no harm but throwing it came with risks. What if it hurt someone? What if the home plate umpire happened to be asshole himself? Now you find yourself unable to help while Utley comfortably digs in against an overworked bullpen and things get really out of hand.



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One comment

  1. Doctor Worm says:

    If what Utley did is how baseball has been played for the last 150 years, so is what Syndergaard did.

    If anyone deserves criticism in this fiasco it is Collins. He said to his team “I’m not telling you NOT to do anything, BUT…”. Talk about mixed signals. He should have either specifically ordered retaliation, or specifically ordered no retaliation. Instead Syndergaard tried to square Collins’ circle by sort-of retaliating, and sort-of got suspended.

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