Just Our Luck

13Don’t look now but Jerry Blevins may be wearing No. 13 after all.

An article in Sunday’s NY Post says as much, which would conflict with some published rosters (listing the lefty wearing 39) and Blevins own tweets, which suggested Asdrubal Cabrera — a 13 for most his career with the Indians and Rays who signed ahead of the free agent Blevins — had the right to the number before him. In fact, the only time Cabrera hasn’t worn 13 was in 2014: When he was teammates with Blevins in Washington.

This also is another reminder why we shouldn’t put too much stock in what’s said and done in the offseason.

The same paper by the way has a terrific Q&A with Sandy Alderson in which the GM confesses to a taste for the dramatic, in the context of good timing. One of the many things I admire about Alderson is that so often there’s a undercurrent of orchestration to the things the club does. Without putting too fine a point on it, he’s really a storyteller.

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  1. Matt B says:

    I am confused…the article says he WILL be switching to 39. Am I missing something?

    • Jon Springer says:

      Unbelieveable. Article has changed online. Originally read “Don’t worry. He will still wear 13.”

      I work in this biz IRL and when you make factual or clarifying changes to a published article its customary to include an editor’s note. Seeing nothing there or on Kernan’s twit feed.

      • jetropolitans says:

        I clicked through it immediately after you tweeted it. It said exactly what you have above. What is the point of them not owning up to a simple mistake? Pretty funny how sure he was in his original article though.

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