Interesting day out in Nashville, no?

18No sooner had Ben Zobrist left the Mets at the altar they turn around and score with a lookalike in Pittsburgh’s Neil Walker, then go out and buy another infielder, Asdrubal Cabrera.

Interestingly enough, Walker, like Zobrist, is a longtime wearer of the No. 18 jersey so little changes with regard to the prediction that coach Tim Teufel needs to find another number. The Cabrera signing in the meantime would seem to portend an end to Ruben Tejada‘s Mets career — a moment I mentally prepared for at least two years ago — which would free up Teufel’s playing-career No. 11 should he want it.

49Walker as you know cost the Mets their all-time No. 49, Jon Niese, in a deal that also essentially ends the Mets lifetime for their all-time No. 28, Daniel Murphy. I strongly associate the two of them (and Bobby Parnell, also a likely goner) as the best remainders of the Omar Minaya Era, all three adequate major league players jettisoned before they got too expensive.

13In their defense, that also describes Walker and Cabrera, a new middle infield combination likely to outhit their predecessors, and maybe out-field them too. I say “maybe” because I haven’t found much supporting Cabrera’s D even though I can’t recall ever having watched him closely myself, while there’s been rumblings from Pirates fans over Walker’s limited range at second base. If so, the Mets are giving me something less than I’d hoped while patching up the team: that is, give themselves a better chance through better fundamental play at key spots. At least they’ll hit more.

Cabrera you won’t be surprised to learn is a Venezuelan shortstop who favors No. 13: That jersey is technically available while Jerry “I broke my arm twice” Blevins tests the free agent market.

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  1. will s says:

    Asdrubal takes 13. Walker takes 18. Teuful takes 51. Blevins re-signs takes 46. Span signs two year deal takes 2. New coach takes 54. When all this happens please pay me.

  2. Jon Springer says:

    2-year deal for 18.5 … cents

  3. Matt B says:

    Will S…..those are pretty good predictions!…I am not sure about that Blevins gives up #13, but he may the clubhouse manager might do it for him. Cabrera definitely gets 13.

  4. Gene F. says:

    Per Adam Rubin on the twitterbox:

    Neil Walker wearing No. 20 because his father wore it. Was retired in Pittsburgh.

    He won’t display the sculpted buttocks of Anthony Recker, but it’s pretty cool that he gets to finally wear his dad’s number in the majors.

    • Gene F. says:

      Just so it’s clear, the first line is from Rubin. The second is mine. I have no idea what Rubin thinks of Anthony Recker’s buttocks.

  5. Matt B says:

    Very funny, Gene!!

  6. Will S says:

    Ok. Blevins back and tweeted that Cabrera will wear 13. Walker is gonna wear 20. I am so far half right.

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