And Justice for All

60I’m just as shocked and saddened by the twin tragedies of Game 2 as anyone, and even hearing that Chase Utley is to be suspended for being such an asshole isn’t real justice and calls to mind the way another embarrassment to sportsmanship, Roger Clemens, was disciplined way too long after the crime was committed and in part to obscure how irresponsible and incompetent game and league officials were to let them get away with it in the first place.

That’s the part that really bothers me, and of course it’s imparted a dark edge to this series that needn’t have been there. I’m a little leery of getting into a jock-revenge scenario — you may recall such shenanigans basically cost the Mets home field advantage in this series — but if I’m Corey Seager I wouldn’t get too comfortable in there.

The upshot is the Mets will be without Ruben Tejada for the rest of the postseason and apparently are taking the unusual step of promoting Matt Reynolds to the big leagues for the first time, and making the just-as-weird decision to issue him uniform No. 60, according to reports. Reynolds would only the 3rd Met to wear 60 and the first position player to do so: Flop relief imports Scott Schoeneweis and Jon Rauch were the first two.

Reynolds would provide the Mets with a legit shortstop glove, but a potentially explosive double-play combo with No. 55, Kelly Johnson. That’s a far cry from previous playoff keystone combos of say, Santana (3) and Backman (6), Harrelson (3) and Millan (16), or Reyes (7) and Valentin (18).

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One comment

  1. Lawrence says:

    Interesting that Reynolds is good enough for the post season roster only when super 2 and active days don’t count. The Hollywood script would be for him to get his first MLB hit as an extra inning series walk off pinch hit in Game 4!


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