30 is the new 1,000

30Congratulations, Michael Conforto! You’re not only the savior of the franchise, you’re also in line to be the club’s 1,000th overall player when you make your debut tonight at Citifield.

To anguished fans beating themselves up over the state of the offense, this promotion will never have come soon enough but if you ask me more changes are likely on the way in the next week or so. Given his remarkable deliberateness in the face of so much (real and manufactured) fan and media outrage, not my admiration for Sandy Alderson is actually growing. Everyone forgets how easy it used to be to either push the Mets into stupid decisions or simply witness the club with its priorities all wrong when they did make a move. This is kind of exciting.

Conforto as been well-reported has been issued No. 30, which is actually one of the rarest numbers under 50 in team history. He’ll be just the 19th player to wear 30, thanks largely to Mel Stottlemyre‘s nine-year occupation in the 80s and 90s.

It’s a number that most recently belonged to Andrew Brown, and most famously represented by Cliff Floyd, but at the risk of dating myself I tend to associate it with Mike Torrez, a bit of a poor man’s Bartolo Colon in the 1980s. It’s also appeared on the backs of a handful of reserve catchers like Brown (he was an emergency catcher, anyway), Alberto Castillo, Raul Casanova and Josh Thole, who eventually became a disappointing starting catcher.

Thirty of course was also retired, by the Angels, in honor of ex-Met and former 30, Nolan Ryan.


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  1. Gene F. says:

    Now Juan Uribe and Kelly Johnson are set to become 1,001 and 1,002. Uribe is big enough that he could wear 1001. My guess is that 9 and 16 will become available very soon.

    • Tomswid says:

      44 and 16 just became available. My guess is Johnson gets 44, while Uribe gets 1, now that Cecceliani is back in the minors.

  2. Chris says:

    Uribe and Johnson have both worn #2 at different times for the Braves.

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