The Magic is Bad

7The Mets are leading the world in costly victories. This is a weird thing to get used to, but that’s twice now this season — really thrice if you count Jenrry Mejia’s disappearing act on opening day — where the Mets came away with a big win at a big cost. Today it was Jerry Blevins and Travis d’Arnaud going down with broken bones within 15 minutes of one another.

13I’m sure the Mets will miss both of them; I feel like personally sending d’Arnaud a get-well card; he was looking like a legitimate All-Star and certainly one of the chief reasons the loss of David Wright to injury hasn’t been the blow I feared it could be. Suddenly though, we’ve got a lineup without him and Wright, and before long using Eric Campbell as your cleanup hitter is going to show.

22I’m confident Kevin Plawecki is a nice hitter but as we saw with d’Arnaud, the ascension is rarely steady. Anyway, Plawecki will be a Met on Tuesday. They’re holding No. 22 for him.

67Blevins was great too, but relief pitching is such a crapshoot. I suppose the Mets now turn to Alex Torres to get out Freddy Freeman next week. Alex and his giant hat might inspire a giggle but the way he’s handled Christian Yelich this weekend was the kind of thing that can make a good impression on a guy like Terry). The guy they’ve recalled in the meantime, Hansel Robles, is a righthander and off to a very good start in Las Vegas (reportedly throws 98 MPH gas). He wore No. 67 in Spring Training: He’d be the first 67 in regular-season history if he retains it but with numbers as common as 30, 32 and 34 sitting around unissued I suppose its anyone’s guess.

Eh, screw it. I say he becomes the first 67 ever.

Speaking of milestones I was reminded by Gordon in the comments section that we’re approaching the 1,000th Met ever, faster than we would have guessed even. Danny Muno., by our and Gordon’s count, was No. 990; Plawecki and Robles should take us to 992 and form there…?

Who’s your guess? And when?


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  1. Howie R says:

    My guess is Robles gets #47. 32 & 34 are probably being saved for Matz and Noah.

  2. Matt B says:

    I agree with Howie…..I say he gets a lower number like 47. I like that Jon is boldly predicting he sticks in #67, based on the high numbers assigned to the bullpen guys over the last few years.

    • Jon Springer says:

      It would be a bold prediction 5 years ago but the Mets these days appear totally ok giving out big numbers, *especially* to relief pitchers (see, Germen Gonzalez 71; Josh Edgin 66; Eric Goeddel, etc etc). 67 is the new 47.

      • Matt B says:

        It almost seems like the current clubhouse manager who took over for Charlie Samuels didn’t get the memo to give guys lower numbers (particularly pitchers) when they make it to the big club, and not keep their Spring Training numbers.

  3. Matt B says:

    And this needs to be Robles intro song from Zoolander:

  4. Gordon says:

    22 & 67 per 25 man roster.

  5. Jimmy says:

    1,000th Met? So 8th callup from here on out. Here’s an order of callups off the top of my head:

    1. Reynolds
    2. Leathersich
    3. Thornton
    4. Syndergaard
    5. Monell
    6. Taijeron
    7. Bowman
    8. Ceciliani

    That’s right. The honor of 1,000th Met of all-time will belong to none other than Darrell Ceciliani. I also predict that he’ll play less than 20 games in his Mets career.

    I also think that they might not call Matz up this year. It sounds insane but I don’t put it past them. It would be pretty cool if a local guy was the 1,000th Met though.

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