Happy Butch Huskey Day!

42retiredBallplayers throughout the Major Leagues this evening will pay tribute to one of the game’s all-time greats when they all don No. 42 in honor of Butch Huskey.

Robert Leon “Butch” Huskey is remembered for being a bridge between cultures — namely, the Dallas Green and Bobby Valentine Eras — and for his accomplishments in the field of inclusion, being included in the starting lineup at several positions including third base, first base, the outfield, and designated hitter. He was literally a giant of the game — aptly surnamed, and listed generously at 244 pounds, Huskey’s presence was felt by teammates and opponents, whether seated alongside them on the team plane, or passing one another in a doorway.

HuskeycardOn a more serious note, Huskey was a nice complimentary player whose selection of No. 42 — following a debut when assigned No. 10 — was no accident and likely influential in calling attention to the import black players had attached to the digits. He was wearing 42 and allowed to be grandfathered into the agreement to retire the number leaguewide in 1997.

That year was also Huskey’s best as a Met: He clubbed 24 home home runs and hit .287 — we’d have signed up for that out of a corner outfielder for years now. Steve Phillips recklessly traded him following the 1998 season for a relief pitcher — Lesli Brea — who himself would be included in a silly Phillips trade, included in a package with Melvin Mora and others for ultimately useless shortstop Mike Bordick. Brea wound up making a handful of ineffective appearances for Baltimore and was later found to have fudged his birth year. Huskey had several years left as a reserve outfielder and DH with the Mariners, Twins Red Sox and Rockies, reappearing in 42 in Seattle and Minnesota.

Happy Butch & Jackie Day!

We also wish you a joyous Larry Elliot Day, a splendid Ron Hodges Day, and most excellent Chuck Taylor Day.




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  1. Gordon Handler says:

    If my count is correct, it looks like Danny Muno will be number 990 on the all time list.

    Do you think we’ll see number 1000 this year? If so, how about a contest to see if someone can predict who it will be?

  2. Chris says:

    Kevin Plawecki and Hansel Robles are on their way up.

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