Qualify This

5Thrilled to see today that the Mets went and signed veteran stickman Michael Cuddyer, who, given the usual caveats about age and injury and old outfielders signed by the Mets, is almost exactly what the club needed: That is, a good righthanded hitter who can play a corner outfield slot and first base, with the bonus of being a FOD (Friend of David). He’s the new Moises Alou!

Seriously, the news that Colorado had extended a Qualifying Offer cooled expectations to a point where I was working hard to convince myself that Allen Craig or Michael Morse — poor men’s Michael Cuddyers, at best — were worth a shot, or maybe saying the hell with it and overpromoting Brandon Nimmo was going to be the plan. But I’m glad this worked out, and with a price that’s none too steep given the potential to make a difference.

Cuddyer you should know wore No. 3 these last few years in Colorado but that’s because Carlos Gonzalez occupied the No. 5 Cuddy rocked all those years in Minnesota. He not about to take either digit in NYC, but we could make a case for 55, or maybe, No. 1 if fans can forget about the doomed Chris Yound experiment.

47The Mets in the weeks leading up to this signing prumed the 40-man roster and lost a few misnumbered guys along the way. Little doubt I liked Andrew Brown more than Terry Collins ever did, but he’s been claimed by the Athletics. Catcher Juan Centeno in the meantime is taking his weird No. 36 to Milwaukee.

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  1. Matt B says:

    Cuddyer will be wearing #23, as per his twitter.
    Link: https://twitter.com/mcuddy23/status/532270613474582528

  2. Matt B says:

    I know….the info is out there instantly! Have you seen this site? I swear this guy has a team of guys on uniform number assignments!


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