Observing A Lot Just By Watching

70So I was away in Europe the last week of the season and so completely missed the surprise re-emergence of good old No. 70, Wilfredo Tovar. I also missed the decisive sweep of the Braves that helped us to not only spoil whatever playoff hopes they had left to but catch them in the standings, and Lucas Duda’s heroic capture of the 30-home run mark, and Bobby Abreu’s feel-good retirement, and Sandy Alderson’s new contract. On the positive side, I missed all the incessant Jeter hype.

I further forgot to investigate the suggestion below that at least while David Wright remained active the Mets were running Nos. 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 out there on a regular basis, maybe for the first time ever. I didn’t note that the best career ERA ever recorded by a No. 48 now belongs to Jacob deGrom, a deserving Rookie of the Year candidate.

I guess the message of this season might be, It Wasn’t All Bad If You Were Actually Paying Attention. Sure the next step will require a club that makes a lot fewer execution errors than this one did, while scoring a bunch more runs, but its not unrealistic to expect a few good decisions this winter and the continued evolution of the emerging core could accomplish that.

28Nobody asked me, but my guess is that we’ve seen the last of both Dillon Gee and Daniel Murphy. Gee, who had a poor year and a lengthy injury this season, probably doesn’t have enough talent to fit into the staff next season. Everyone loves Murphy, but given his rising price and the fact that we’ve got some Flores and then Herrera waiting, it only makes sense to move on. Perhaps he goes in that big trade for that  outfielder and/or shortstop and/or leadoff hitter this club needs. Stay tuned.

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  1. Stubby says:

    I actually think it’s as likely that Gee returns and Niese doesn’t. As a lefty with a team friendly contract, Niese would certainly command more in trade. And I believe the Mets are frustrated with his frequent lack of focus, in spite of his raw talent. If the idea is to fill one of the holes on the team (say shortstop), a package with Gee isn’t likely to do that for you, but one with Niese could. I know the Mets would like a left hander in the rotation, but better to go with your top five and trade the excess for other needs. Gee can transition to the pen, if need be. Then again, they might both go.

    As the most consistent hitter on the team, I’d hate to see Murphy go. I’d be inclined to stick him out in left field, myself. That’s where he started, after all. If the plan is to convert D’arnaud to left field (of which there’s been talk), Murphy would make for a solid interim player in that spot.

    My two cents.

  2. Tomswid says:

    Well, 32 (Lannan) and 23 (Teagarden) are available again. Give Edgin 32, 66 looks stupid, and German 23, 71 is awful.

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