This is the Night of the Expanding Man

62The Mets headed to Miami Sunday night and expect to meet four teammates there Monday, the first day active rosters expand. Rejoining the team for the first time since his awful start to the 2014 season earned him a summer in Las Vegas, Josh Satin is finally resurfacing, as is catcher Juan Centeno, whom we also saw earlier this season. Satin, we expect, will retake the No. 13 he left behind while Centeno wore 36 earlier this season. Both numbers are still available.

In the meantime, AAA pitcher Erik Goeddel and obscure lefty relief prospect Dario Alvarez are also expected to join the club. Goeddel was already on the 40 and is said to possess good if wild stuff, as his whiff and walk figures in Vegas would respectively indicate. His 40-man assignment is 62, last worn by relief prospect Elvin Ramirez in 2012.

Alvarez, whose contract is newly purchased from Class AA Binghamton, would appear to have earned this opportunity on the basis of his lefthandedness, particularly in light of Josh Edgin’s recent elbow woes. 34, 43 and 46 are available.

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  1. Matt B says:

    I bet they are holding #34 for Thor. I read an interview with him in the Spring, and he said he prefers that number. Plus, it is a good starting pitcher’s number….hope they don’t give it to one of these new guys. I really hope they just call up Thor for a few weeks, give him #34, and let him get a taste of the bigs.

  2. Howie R says:

    Is 47 available? I know Valverde had it earlier.

  3. Tswid says:

    I hate all of these offensive lineman numbers that seem to proliferate baseball these days.

    • Matt B says:

      I agree….it is not like we are the Yankees and have no lower numbers available. Any number in the 60s or higher seems like a Spring Training number to me.

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