Mets Do the Buffalo Shuffle

19What was looking like a happy and uneventful Mets season has suddently become anything but. A few poor starts and a little better competition has begun to expose big cracks in the Mets’ health and holes in their game. I don’t think I’ve seen a Met look as lost at the plate as Ike Davis does these days since Jeromy Burnitz in 2002. We’re really piling up the whiffs.

53As noted below, a few disabled-list assignments have brought some new players to the team. Monday’s doubleheader featured the Mets debut of Jeremy Heffner, who took the roster slot of disabled infielder Ronny Cedeno. Heffner, who wore No. 53 — the first since manager Jerry Manuel in 2010 — was farmed out again after the game when Jordanny Valdespin was activated. Valdespin, a hard-hitting prospect whom the Mets hope to use in a utility role, was assigned No. 1 (I’d have guessed 22, wrongly again). Today we got news that both Jason Bay and Mike Pelfrey were added to the disabled list. Bay’s spot on the roster will be taken over by Zach Lutz, a third baseman who can hit.

The Mets have assigned Lutz No. 19, which if you’re Danny Herrera can’t be encouraging. The little lefty we received for Francisco Rodriguez last season is already off the 40 and out for the year with arm trouble. It’s unlikey we see him again. Pelfrey’s spot — for the moment — will be occupied by lefty reliever Robert Carson, who’s been assigned No. 73, at least according to the Mets roster.

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One comment

  1. Jon Springer says:

    Submitted by gored82 on Tue, 04/24/2012 – 9:00pm.
    Funny seeing Hank Webb’s (42, 30, and 29) kid Ryan Webb in 58 for Miami.

    Submitted by ShortyNJ on Tue, 04/24/2012 – 11:15pm.
    Jon Rauch’s win tonight gives him the lead (3 wins) for uniform #60. The leader had been Scott Schoeneweis.

    Also, Zach Lutz becomes the first Mets player whose first name starts with Z (but the 52nd whose last name ends with Z!)

    Submitted by Msrc from Brooklyn (not verified) on Tue, 04/24/2012 – 11:34pm.
    Ike looks lost but the umps calling strikes eight inches off the plate has not helped. I take that this is the punishment for complaining about balls and strikes, at least until someone sends anonymously a DVD to the commissioner’s office (and the media) with the overhead angles of a bunch of these bad strike calls.

    We should see 63 replace 73 when Pelf’s turn comes up on Friday.

    Submitted by Jon Springer on Wed, 04/25/2012 – 8:55am.
    I noticed the Z thing when inputting the details on Lutz last night (my list is alphabetized by first name). Only a matter of time for Zack Wheeler at this rate.

    63: Hopefully he can put the ‘w-i-n’ in Schwinden. But not terribly hopeful!

    I’m sure Ike can and will find a way out of this slump but boy is it difficult to watch. Myrna Turner pinch-hit for him!

    Submitted by Dave Mackey (not verified) on Thu, 04/26/2012 – 11:30am.
    Brad Emaus has signed a minor-league deal with the Mets and will report to Buffalo. What did he wear last time out – 6?

    Submitted by Matt B on Thu, 04/26/2012 – 12:18pm.
    Emaus wore #4 last year.

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