Close to the Edge

54Been meaning to write a few things about this Mets team but their play this Spring has all but beaten the enthusiasm from me. We knew going in that the lack of depth and fielding would be the death of this team, I just didn’t think it would be before March was out. The fact that the offense and the relief pitching have joined the above-mentioned atrocities in their pursuit of suck is also a concern. If the Mets are going to do anything this year, they’re going to have to score a bunch and relieve very well. Mike Pelfrey is on our side after all.

Injuries to alleged keys to the season such as Ruben Tejada, David Wright and Tim Byrdak have hardly helped matters — not to mention the fact that the owners go on trial this week trying to prove they were too stupid to have know Bernie Madoff was a fraud. That ought to be easy but the Mets will find a way to screw that up too.

In the meantime it’s perhaps worth mentioning that the Mets have provided lefty longshot Josh Edgin with jersey No. 54 — totally legit by the standards of this squad — after he first arrived in camp wearing No. 87. The latter figure was the highest among campers at least according to the roster posted online. Edgin’s a stocky lefty with a strong track record — as long as you consider Class A a track — who looks like he might assume Byrdak’s role when the team goes North. That’d be something to get behind.

Go, Edgie. Go.

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