Numbers Assigned

Just as we suspected, the Mets this morning posted new uni numbers:

73 Robert Carson
75 Juerys Familia
48 Frank Francisco
53 Jeremy Heffner
52 Ramon Ramirez
60 Jon Rauch

Mike Nickeas switches from 13 to 4 and Ronny Cedeno takes 13

71 Wilmer Flores
74 Reese Havens
61 Jordanny Valdespin
76 Juan Lagares
67 Cesar Puello
56 Andres Torres
72 Kirk Nieuwenhuis

Non-roster Invitees with new assignments:
58 Fernando Cabrera
70 Matt Harvey
36 Chuck James
38 Garrett Olson
16 Rob Johnson
62 Lucas May
6 Omar Quintanilla
68 Matt den Decker
20 Adam Loewen
33 Vinny Rottino

Worth noting: Still no 17. 6 back in circulation again, and belonging to a scrub who’s likely to see at least a few innings on the big league roster this year. Top prospects occupying the 70s.

Coaches Tom Goodwin, Tim Teufel, Bob Geren and Ricky Bones still have not received assignments, although its kind of interesting to see Ramirez and Heffner occupying traditional coaching numbers. More on this soon!

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One comment

  1. Jon Springer says:

    Submitted by Ceetar (not verified) on Tue, 02/07/2012 – 9:45am.
    Matt den Dekker favors 17, so his promotion will be a big test in that regard.

    Flores, Havens and Nieuwenhuis all with 7* numbers. I wonder if it’s a “race” to the big leagues for them to drop the second digit and just keep 7.

    Good thought

    Submitted by Jon Springer on Tue, 02/07/2012 – 9:50am.
    Remember, we have a beer riding on that.

    Submitted by EdgyDC on Tue, 02/07/2012 – 11:02am.
    I guess it’s still worth pointing out that 8 remains on the shelf.

    Backman seems to me to be absolutely the kind of guy who would try to read something into Quintanilla wearing number 6.

    Submitted by Ranjrz5 on Tue, 02/07/2012 – 12:46pm.
    I don’t think there’s anything to read into this except that Quintanilla wore #6 with Colorado.

    Submitted by Ceetar (not verified) on Tue, 02/07/2012 – 1:50pm.
    Oh, I remember. I always remember beer.

    We got a couple of new coaches to ponder about too right?, although I don’t imagine them taking controversial numbers.

    Submitted by Ceetar (not verified) on Tue, 02/07/2012 – 1:51pm.
    what I meant was, Bones should really get 11. Snake Eyes. right? Tell Tejada to switch.

    Submitted by gored82 on Wed, 02/08/2012 – 8:49am.
    WTF is Matt den Dekker, and why should anyone care what number he favors?

    Submitted by EdgyDC on Wed, 02/08/2012 – 8:56am.
    Matt den Dekker is a prospective player who is known to particularly favor 17. So if he’s denied that assignment, one might reasonably understand that 17 has been taken out of circulation deliberately, not coincidentally.

    “I don’t think there’s anything to read into this except that Quintanilla wore #6 with Colorado.”

    I don’t either, but Wally might feel differently.

    Submitted by steve schmoll (not verified) on Wed, 02/08/2012 – 10:08am.
    Cute idea for Bones to have 11, but if any coach gets it, it’s gotta be the Teufel Shuffle!

    Submitted by maury – o (not verified) on Wed, 02/08/2012 – 12:12pm.
    Just seeing all these names in print reminds me thatt….Wow this team looks awful!!!!

    Submitted by gored82 on Wed, 02/08/2012 – 11:08pm.
    Matt den Dekker hit .235 at Binghamton. Nobody who hits .235 in AA ball has a right to “favor” a particular number. He should be happy just to have a uniform. If the Mets don’t give him 17, it means nothing.

    Submitted by Jon Springer on Thu, 02/09/2012 – 12:49pm.
    You’ve got to take the hostility down a notch here, gored. I’ve asked you before. If you want to carry on aggressive arguments with other Mets fans there are plenty of other places to do that.

    Submitted by gored82 on Thu, 02/09/2012 – 7:55pm.
    Sorry it came across as hostility. I just meant to express my opinion that it’s silly to take a player like den Dekker that seriously. Nothing personal against anyone here.

    Submitted by Ranjrz5 on Fri, 02/17/2012 – 8:42am.
    Backman has announced that he is switching to #8 in Buffalo this year.

    Submitted by cwebb (not verified) on Wed, 02/22/2012 – 8:55pm.
    One of the coaches down! New bench coach Bob Geren will wear Kevin Mitchell’s old Mets number #7!

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