Upping the Josh Factor

47Hi guys, I’m back from a little R&R, moving aside the worthless sandbags at my door, and catching up to the new arrivals in Metland. We’ll begin late last month when Jon Niese pitched his way onto the disabled list and once again recalled Mike Nickeas, the catcher who wears 13. This struggle to reach the finish line is becoming an annual phenomenon for Niese, who until a few weeks ago, looked like the best starting pitcher the team had. Pinch-hitter Scott Hairston, who started poorly before coming on, went to the DL himself on Aug. 26. He was replaced on the roster by Miguel Batista, the 40-year-old journeyman whom I remember best from the Diamondbacks’ blessed 2001 Yankee-beating World Series team but has also played for a half-dozen other clubs including the Cardinals, who released him earlier this year. Batista made his Los Mets debut last night wearing No. 47.That jersey last belonged to flukey lefty Hisanori Takahashi, now of the Angels. Finally, Jose Reyes returned to the roster and Mike Baxter was demoted.

When rosters officially expended Thursday, the Mets recalled two new Joshes: Right-handed masher Josh Satin of AAA Buffalo and righty reliever Josh Stinson of AA Binghamton. Satin, like a glut of utility infielders before him, was assigned No. 3. Stinson is a big dude who might provide some relief: He was assigned Elmer Dessens’s old No. 64. Where have you gone, Elmer? Along with Josh Thole, this provides the Mets an unprecedented number of Joshes — who all went by “Jose” during the Hispanic Heritage game last night, I think.

Even though the ridiculous “Los” results in a jersey that makes no sense in two languages, count me enamored of the blue jerseys, particularly if and when it replaces the hideous black look. The black remains depressing, ugly and impossibly dated already. And I’m happy to discover that creepy Einhorn kid won’t be partnering with the Wilpons. Not because I think he wouldn’t do a better job as a minority owner (who wouldn’t?) but that the deal’s demise increases the chances the Wilpons lose it all in Chapter 11.

Finally, the Mets received the booty from the Francisco Rodriguez trade with Milwaukee. Coming our way is a 5-foot-6 lefty, Danny Herrera, expected to join the Mets today in Washington. Herrera struggled with Milwaukee this year (and in Cincinnati before that) but was doing the job in AAA. Has he been assigned a number? Let me know. The other guy we got was Class A pitcher, Adrian Rosario. Sounds like a deal to me.

Thanks as always to the readers who kept up the dialog in my absence. By the way I’m looking for a Drupal-profient partner to revamp the site, please let me know if you know someone!

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One comment

  1. Jon Springer says:

    Submitted by Gordon Handler (not verified) on Fri, 09/02/2011 – 1:53pm.
    Herrera gets number 19 according to game notes.

    Stupid black hats!

    Submitted by gored82 on Sat, 09/03/2011 – 5:27pm.
    I loved that the Mets wore blue tops for the second game of the Marlins DH last Monday. But why did they wear black hats with them? How idiotic!

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