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Well, the Internet debut of “New York Mets” (aka ‘We Want a Hit’) as posted below has made a small splash that we hope was heard out in Flushing but you never know with these Mets. In the story recounted at UniWatch, I was in the process of making a kind of Internet mix tape at the wonderful streaming site featuring artists who were also Mets fans.

Probably my favorite of these are the Hoodoo Gurus, the zany garage-pop rockers from Australia. As described in this interview by Zisk Magazine, Dave Faulkner, the Gurus’ singer, founder and songwriter, is a big fan of the orange-and-blue, having lived for a time in New York in the mid-1980s, where the energy and success of the Mets must have been a major source of inspiration for someone who’s talent was rocking. Posted below is the video for “What’s My Scene” from the Gurus’ 1987 album Blow Your Cool. Faulkner has remarked this is one of his favorite compositions “because it has two choruses when only one is necessary.” I like the video for the costume change at 2:47 and how it gets me pumped up from the very start. Thanks, Gurus, for being on our side.

By the way, be sure to check out the recent post on UniWatch revealing the first wearer of the Mets jersey: Don Zimmer.

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