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If recent dispatches from Port St. Ledger are any indication, David Waldstein of the Times seems determined to wrest the title of Uni Number Beatwriter Champion from Marty Noble.

3Today he gets Hisanori Takahashi on the record discussing what we’d already reported here — he’s got eyes for the vacant No. 21 jersey, and not the 47 they’ve outfitted him in already. The other day Waldstein explored whether Jerry Manuel would consider changing his jersey number to 3 so as to mimic the Yankees’ Joe Girardi and his pretentious switch from 27 to 28 this spring. As if Joe shouldn’t really get to the point and change his jersey number to 208 million.

That piece sparked an even dumber post on the Bats blog where Jim Luttrell tries to zing the Mets by demonstrating he hasn’t realized the 21-day disabled list is long since dead and once again raises the issue of retiring Mets jerseys (Harrelson?)

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One comment

  1. Jon Springer says:

    Fri, 02/19/2010 – 1:11pm — 9th string catcher (not verified)
    I guess someone was watching the ’69 tribute on SNY

    Where else would anyone come up with retiring “fan favorite” Buddy Harrelson’s number? I mean, longevity is great, and he was a decent fielder, but c’mon. Aparicio he wasn’t. (If it is about popularity, retire Kranepool’s #).

    How about limiting retired numbers to Hall of Famers who played significant time for the Mets? Retire 8 and 31 officially and reissue 24 as Willie was a Giant for god’s sake.

    Sat, 02/20/2010 – 4:07pm — Anonymous (not verified)
    Now that Barajas has signed,

    Now that Barajas has signed, what number does he get?

    Sun, 02/21/2010 – 9:04am — Gene F.

    Barajas has worn 2 (Phillies), 20 (Jays), 27 (Rangers), 48 (Diamondbacks) and 32 (Mexico WBC). That said, I have no idea. I guess if he signed a major league contract somebody is getting bumped from the 40-man, and that will open up a number.

    Mon, 02/22/2010 – 12:35pm — jetropolitans (not verified)

    Well Jay Marshall will certainly be the one to be removed from the 40- man but his number has already been stripped and given to Jacobs. So who knows. 21. Issstill open but takahshi might cry!

    Tue, 02/23/2010 – 2:16pm — 9th string catcher (not verified)

    Seems like Omir is the odd man out. Why is that? Coste and Blanco seem like a couple of old scrubs to me while Santos is 27 and a gamer. He’d be an ideal backup for Barajas.

    Tue, 02/23/2010 – 5:47pm — jetropolitans (not verified)

    I like santos but the best back up is by far blanco who is one of the best defensive and signal callers in the game. santos fits more as a right handed bat of the bench if anything on the mlb roster. i would also prefer coste backing up thole in aaa as he is a better mentor for the young backstip. if we can get something decent from the rangers for santos then we should pull the trigger otherwise there is a 3 headed monster at aaa for catcher and some dh duties. the problem with that is there arnt enough at bats with all the other dh types slotted to be there. What number for barajas?

    Tue, 02/23/2010 – 6:07pm — 9th string catcher (not verified)

    I went on a limb and predicted 8. All the other catchers are in low digits (except Thole) and I don’t see him in high numbers. Sure, 8 hasn’t been issued since 2002, but I have a feeling on this one.

    Tue, 02/23/2010 – 8:49pm — gored82
    Barajas’ number

    You often see a new player take a number one higher than he had with his previous team, when that isn’t available, so it seems to me that 21 is just as likely if not more so…

    Tue, 02/23/2010 – 9:35pm — jetropolitans (not verified)

    For some reason they don’t seem to reissue big name guys # s the season after they leave. I have a feeling that’s why Delgados 21 is still out there did the same with Pedro. 8 seems far fetched because he is a catcher. I’m thinking 32 or 22 pushing Lopez or Cabrera out. Maybe they deal Santos and he takes 9. We’ll see.

    Tue, 02/23/2010 – 10:33pm — mbtn01

    I was just thinking maybe it would be a good idea if Barajas took No. 0. It might remind him in how low regard he was considered this offseason and provide subsequent motivation. It would also give him a little juice in the minds of fans who have no idea who he really is and could use something to know about him. You know, start a brand.

    Plus, it’s available and not totally unprecedented in history. Do it, Charlie!

    Wed, 02/24/2010 – 8:38am — jetropolitans (not verified)
    double zero!

    yeah! go double zero! we should find out today as he should be reporting. i feel like the mets havnt made any official anouncements about the signing because they are waiting on a ruling for their dispute about jay marshalls pre exixting injury. he could also take any number and switch when the roster is cut down. more the reason to take 00 at least for spring!

    Wed, 02/24/2010 – 9:06am — jetropolitans (not verified)
    21 it is!

    Rubin reports this morning he has arrived wearing 21. I guess 00 will have to go to biemel!

    Wed, 02/24/2010 – 12:00pm — Anonymous (not verified)
    Once Delgado had that second

    Once Delgado had that second hip surgery, I figured 21 was in the cards for the next signee.

    Wed, 02/24/2010 – 5:14pm — gored82
    0 and 00

    There’s nothing unprecedented about these numbers…Terry McDaniel wore 0 in 1991 and Rey Ordonez wore it in 1996 and ’97, and Tony Clark wore 00 in 2003…

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