Almost as Strange as Batting Him 6th, but Not Quite

I didn’t notice this until his last turn at bat, but Ramon Martinez yesterday was wearing No. 6, and not the No. 26 he wore in his hasty ’09 debut on Monday.

6I remember thinking that the 26 jersey looked baggy on him, so that may be one reason, but interesting all the same since it’s yet another issuance of No. 6 — the most frequently dealt in Mets history now with 38 different players. I’m convinced No. 6 is one of those jerseys they carry around on the road for just this situation.

I immediately went to write this up on the site when I saw it — noting then that a few visitors had already pointed it out — when Martinez hit into a double play that ruined my mood and made me want to murder Jerry Manuel for having not pulled one of those sudden late-inning pinch-hit calls he’s becoming famous for screwing up.

Really, Jerry. And batting him sixth?

Anyhow, that now makes three numbers already for Martinez (2226 and 6). I can’t remember off-hand which was the last Met to switch numbers in his second game (and the database is a few jigowatts short of querying for that fact) but it’s happened before several times. Tom Hall in1975 in debuted in 42 and had 19 the next night.

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One comment

  1. Jon Springer says:

    Submitted by Ranjrz5 on Wed, 05/20/2009 – 1:18pm.
    Gerald Williams went from 6 to 21 in his second game in 2004.

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